British film board certifies prank film

In order to show a film in the U.K., filmmakers need a certification and rating from the British Board of Film Classification, which requires a substantial fee in order to review a film. In some cases, independent filmmakers don’t have the money for the BBFC review, so their films never see the light of day. The flipside is that the board has to watch anything that’s submitted to them with a paid fee.

A British filmmaker named Charlie Lyne decided to take advantage of this, and get back at the board for what he saw as frequent censorship. Back in November, he started a Kickstarter page to fund a film of paint drying so that the censors would have to watch it. As enthusiastic supporters poured in donations, the film got longer and longer, finally reaching the 10-hour mark.

Today, the results are finally in. The board announced they had certified Paint Drying with a “U” rating (for Universal), which means literally anyone can watch it. According to the board’s rating, Paint Drying “contains no material likely to offend or harm.” Though they added that the title “may contain spoilers.”