By Dana Rose Falcone
Updated January 27, 2016 at 09:27 PM EST
Credit: Ray Tamarra/GC Images

Nashville‘s Connie Britton wants you to talk about the F-word.

No, not the four-letter profanity. Britton, along with Matt McGorry, Shiri Appleby, SheKnows Media, and the Ms. Foundation for Women, are aiming to engage in a conversation about feminism.

SheKnows launched its “The F Word: Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word” campaign last October to explore “the recent up-swell in interest and conversation around what it means to be a feminist today,” according to the digital media company’s website. Britton took to Instagram to promote the campaign and its video contest asking U.S. and Canada-based creators to submit short videos describing what feminism means to them. Britton’s video opens with self-proclaimed feminist Emma Watson and includes Aziz Ansari, Lena Dunham, and Hillary Clinton, all of whom have in favor of gender equality.

The contest ends Feb. 19, and Britton, McGorry, Appleby, Supergirls‘s Laura Benanti, and Decoded‘s Franchesca Ramsey — or as Britton referred to them on Instagram Wednesday, her “very cool friends” — will be on hand to judge. After the finalists are selected, the vote goes public March 28 and concludes April 12, which is National Equal Pay Day, with a screening of #TheFWord in New York City.

Head here to enter a video of your own.