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There is a long tradition of CBS reality stars going on to appear on CBS soap operas. Survivor players Colby Donaldson and James Clement have appeared on The Young and the Restless, as have Big Brother contestants Will Kirby and Marvin Latimer. Meanwhile, Big Brother couple Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful, as did Survivor’s Malcolm Freberg.

Now you can add two more names to the list: Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance champion Jeremy Collins and jury member/fan favorite Joe Anglim will be crossing over when they appear on The Young and the Restless this Wednesday, January 27. We have these three exclusive photos from their appearance as coffeehouse patrons in a scene with Joshua Morrow, who plays Nick Newman, as well as some thoughts from the reality stars-turned-actors.

“The experience was amazing!” says Anglim. “I just tried to take it all in. My grandma is a soap lover and I always remember them playing as a kid growing up at her house. I felt honored to even be asked to be on the set, let along get to experience the magic of film and TV at CBS. I met many members of the cast and crew and had a great time visiting and talking Survivor. It was great getting to know and working with Joshua Morrow and the rest of the crew. I’m so thankful for the opportunity and can’t wait to watch on the 27th. Hopefully, I’ll survive as a soap actor.”

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Collins is equally enthused about the appearance. “The Young and the Restless was an exciting once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget,” says the firefighter/million dollar winner. “It was awesome to see some real professionals work their magic, I was just trying not to ruin the scene!”

Anglim and Collins were not the only ones excited. It turns out The Young and the Restless star Morrow is a big Survivor fan. “Having Joe and Jeremy on the show was a huge thrill for me,” says the actor. “I consider myself a Survivor professional and these two dudes are not only incredible Survivor players, they are men with integrity and class as well as two of all my all-time favorite players. They deserve all life has to offer them. Good things happen to good people and they are truly good!”

We’ll find out if that’s true when it comes to acting on Wednesday. In the meantime, enjoy some more photos of Anglim and Collins caffeinating themselves below.

Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS
Credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

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