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Monster Hunt

After breaking box office records overseas, the highest-grossing film in Chinese history is finally opening Stateside. Director Raman Hui, best known for his work on Shrek, mixes live action and CGI to create a rich, if overly cartoonish, world of two ancient kingdoms, separated into humans and monsters. When a civil war forces the fugitive monster queen to go on the run, she transfers her pregnancy to a bumbling human mayor (Boran Jing). He—yes, he—gives birth to an adorable radish-like blob, and he and his rookie bounty-hunter companion (Baihe Bai) must decide whether to protect the squishy newborn or sell him for profit to a nefarious restaurateur. The plot is even more nonsensical than it sounds, but the monsters’ high-energy antics and the humans’ martial-arts skills make for a delightfully bizarre adventure romp. B–

Monster Hunt
  • Movie
  • 104 minutes