The 9 best answers from 'The Finest Hours' actor's Q&A with EW
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Before heading back into space, Chris Pine must face the eye of the storm. The Star Trek captain helms another ship in The Finest Hours, the story of a harrowing rescue mission by the U.S. Coast guard in the 1950s.

Ahead of the film’s Friday release, Pine checked in with EW and fielded fan questions on myriad topics: his favorite books, go-to pizza topping, the movie’s funniest co-star. Here are his nine best replies from the Tumblr session.

His heroes are our heroes

“Malala. And Wonder Woman,” Pine replies when asked to name his hero. He’ll be on screen with the Gal Gadot’s portrayal of the latter in June 2017.

No, Pine hasn’t seen Hamilton yet

Maybe after the blizzard melts, he’ll head to Broadway.

He’s open to Princess Diaries 3

A fan asked Pine, “Don’t you pray every night for a Princess Diaries 3?” Pine’s answer would do any Mia Thermopolis fan proud: “Have you been reading my diary???

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Pine ranks fellow Hollywood Chrises: Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt

“I always rank my Chrises alphabetically,” he writes. For those keeping score at home, if Pine counts himself, he comes in third, ahead of Pratt.

He’s catching up on his TV

“Just finished The Americans. Loved it,” Pine says. “About to move on to season four of Homeland, and eagerly looking forward to Game of Thrones.”

How difficult was the shooting for The Finest Hours?

“It was probably the hardest shoot I’ve done,” Pine admits. “I don’t think anyone likes to be cold, wet, and miserable but keeping in mind what all those guys went through years ago kept my actorly complaints in check.”

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Pine’s three favorite movies include one hypothetical sequel

“The first ones that come to mind are: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Bugsy Malone, and the potential remake of Top Gun,” he writes. Someone get Val Kilmer on board!

Someone created a Chris Pine Nut Trail Mix for class

The student asked if Pine would endorse this product if it existed. “S— better taste good,” Pine quipped. “While I can understand the connection between myself and a bag of nuts, can we talk about doing a line of pastas?”

Pine picked someone’s yearbook quote

Hard to go wrong with Teddy Roosevelt; the snippet Pine picked is a motivational passage for artists.

The Finest Hours is out in theaters Friday.

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