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By Jessica DerschowitzAmanda Michelle SteinerCristina EverettChris RackliffeRobyn RossShirley Li and Kevin P. Sullivan
Updated January 25, 2016 at 01:18 PM EST
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Welcome to the Most Dramatic Slack Chat Ever (TM) where a group of EW writers and editors break down the hot tub makeouts, hot dog obsessions, and dramatic exits from last week’s episode on Slack in our #ew-bachelor channel. Read ahead for The Most Dramatic Slack Chat Ever. Check out the episode’s full recap right here, and come back on Monday night for more on the hit reality show.

cristinaeverett (Cristina Everett, Deputy Editor for ​[10:02 PM]

Let’s start right off with Ben’s first one-on-one of the night with Lauren B. How appropriate that he takes the flight attendant on a romantic flight (punny notecard: “The sky’s the limit!) … to the middle of nowhere … where there’s a random hot tub in a field. How did you guys think that went?

kevinpsullivan (Kevin P. Sullivan, Correspondent) [10:03 PM]

I’d watch a feature-length documentary about getting that hot tub into that field.

shirley (Shirley Li, Editorial Assistant) [10:03 PM]

For what it’s worth, I thought the Bachelor interns did a great job setting that up

jennifermarcus (Jen Marcus, Communications Manager)> [10:03 PM]

And a fantastic product placement by Jacuzzi.

crackliffe (Chris Rackliffe, Director of Audience Engagement for EW and PEOPLE) [10:04 PM]

I thought the date was cute. About time we start stepping it up on the show. At least the hot tub had a view this time (and no Kevin Hart). Loved how awkward it was watching them try to kiss on the plane.

jennifermarcus [10:05 PM]

I’ll be honest: I’m into Lauren B. and Ben together. A little too sweet and bland for my liking, but they make sense together… nice, really pretty, harmless.

robynross (Robyn Ross, Senior Producer) [10:05 PM]

When Ben said, “Dangit you’re cute” I knew he was smitten

amandasteiner (Amanda Michelle Steiner, Staff Editor) [1:05 PM]

I have face blindness when it comes to the Laurens. I honestly don’t know which is which.

shirley [10:05 PM]

I liked Lauren B.! She and Ben were cute enough together to make me remember her from the other Laurens.

robyneross [10:06 PM]

Also, Lauren B’s date clearly took up most of the show’s date budget thus far

jessica.derschowitz (Jessica Derschowitz, Digital News Editor, [10:06 PM]

I thought it was sweet when she said she wanted to meet his family (and then realized that sounded a little creepy)

cristinaeverett [10:06 PM]

Up next was the group date, with Amanda, Emily, Haley, Lace, Jennifer, Shushanna, Jami, Leah, Amber, Lauren H., Rachel, and Olivia, playing soccer (and making fun of Olivia’s toes). The purpose of this game was for Ben to apparently see how well the women worked together as a team. How do you guys think they did?

robyneross [10:07 PM]

I love how “excited” the women were to meet the pros when clearly they had no idea who they were.

crackliffe [10:08 PM]

As someone who has played soccer since age 6, there was a lot of toe action, which is a no-no (no wonder they didn’t like Olivia’s toes!). But they tried super hard, which I thought was admirable!

jennifermarcus [10:08 PM]

Their uniforms were really ugly. That’s where my focus was for most of the game.

crackliffe [10:08 PM]

I made a comment on Twitter that Olivia looked great in prison pinstripes and people went wild hahaha

jennifermarcus [10:09 PM]

@crackliffe: SO fitting.

cristinaeverett [10:10 PM]

any standout moments to you guys for the winners at the cocktail party after?

shirley [10:10 PM]

Aside from Olivia’s toes, you mean?

amandasteiner [10:10 PM]

Jubilee shrugging off her blanket and leaving it for Amber to catch

robyneross [10:11 PM]

My favorite moment was when Lace referenced “FT” as if that’s a known abbreviation for fat toes

jennifermarcus [10:11 PM]

Olivia naming all of her body issues was a highlight for me… Fat toes, cankles… LIFE IS HARD.

cristinaeverett [10:12 PM]

did you guys catch Olivia’s tweet about her toes during the episode? Gotta give her some credit for having a sense of humor at least

kevinpsullivan [10:12 PM]

Hobbits are supposed to be nice.

crackliffe [10:12 PM]

So many LOTR references with rings and toes… so little time.

cristinaeverett [10:13 PM]

Then we have Jubilee on the next one-on-one date! And our second airplane pun of the night in the note “written by Ben”: “Love is in the air!” At this point, the rest of the women are NOT AMUSED by anyone else taking up Ben’s attention so Jubilee’s nervous comments while waiting for Ben certainly made her situation with the rest of the house, in the words of Jami, “awko taco.” What do you guys think of Ben’s date with Jubilee?

crackliffe [10:14 PM]

I was DYING of laughter at the beginning part where they were eating food and Jubilee admitted that she likes hot dogs instead of caviar. That’s a REAL girl right there!

amandasteiner [10:14 PM]

I love Jubilee, so I want to give her credit, but the date WAS really awkward. But it was obvious that was just her slightly anxious personality. It was fine: she was a real person. And her detractors are just jelly.

amandasteiner [10:14]

I was a vegetarian for three years but broke it for a hot dog, so, I felt Jubilee real hard at that point

crackliffe [10:16 PM]

I thought it was really good of Ben to push Jubilee to talk about her past. I’ve said this in previous chats, but I’ve really been waiting for him to push through and go deeper. The moment they shared when she cried and they hugged was really sweet. FWIW, I also liked how Ben told that touching story about his dad on the other date with Lauren B.

kevinpsullivan [10:18 PM]

Jubilee proves how ugly the show can be. She has experienced actual hardship and served our country. The other women’s takeaway: She’s weird and rude and doesn’t allow us to yell at her as a group.

shirley [10:18 PM]

I was just waiting for Jubilee to shoot energy fireworks out of her hands.

shirley [10:18 PM]

…Anyone? Bueller?

kevinpsullivan [10:18 PM]


shirley [10:18 PM]


cristinaeverett [10:19 PM]

cristinaeverett [10:19 PM]

And then… just when we thought this season was starting to get sane, the ladies delivered with plenty of drama at the cocktail party. First we had Olivia trying to cheer Ben up with a sob story about her cankles, then the women attempting to gang up on Jubilee, and … Lace. WHERE. DO. WE. EVEN. BEGIN?

robyneross [10:20 PM]


crackliffe [10:23 PM]

It was so awkward when Ben said he was feeling down and then (of course) Olivia swoops in and pulls him away just to talk about her insecurities.

cristinaeverett [10:23 PM]

Okay, I’ll take my own Lace bait. I’m actually surprised she left so early in the game

jennifermarcus [10:23 PM]

I’m really going to miss Lace too, but looking forward to watching her crush tequila shots and tears on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

kevinpsullivan [10:23 PM]

I really, really hope that she doesn’t do Bachelor in Paradise, even though the producers obviously want her. ABC reality shows are not a substitute for good therapy.

amandasteiner [10:24 PM]

As much as I love women being referred to as “crazy” (I don’t) and dismissing their own feelings because they might be too straightforward or off-putting to men (I don’t), I’m going to miss Lace.

cristinaeverett [10:25 PM]

Can we discuss how creepy Olivia’s “feelings” are towards Ben? And how she’s certain they have an unspoken connection by him just touching her knee or hugging her a certain way, or that he IS her husband.

crackliffe [10:26 PM]

She’s creepily possessive and I just can’t with her. It’s one thing to know what you want and to position yourself to get it, but it’s another thing altogether to be manipulative and conniving.

shirley [10:26 PM]

But guys, if she weren’t on this show, who else would be the villain?! You need a villain.

cristinaeverett [10:28 PM]

I just keep thinking, she’s a news anchor on TV and is letting viewers see her like this.

jennifermarcus [10:28 PM]

A news anchor that spent $40K on her Bachelor wardrobe, apparently!

cristinaeverett [10:31 PM]

So before we finish up, now that a few more women have had more Ben time, and a few others showed their true colors, who do you guys see as the frontrunners now?

shirley [10:32 PM]

Lauren B.

jennifermarcus [10:33 PM]

Lauren B. is definitely up there now! She got the high budget date. Caila is still up there too, but she needs to relax thinking she’s Ben’s girlfriend and remember she’s on The Bach.

jessica.derschowitz [10:35 PM]

Lauren B. for sure.

cristinaeverett [10:35 PM]

Well, that will do it for this week’s Most Dramatic Slack Chat ever. We’ll be back next week with more. In the meantime, catch our Bachelor after-show with EW’s Robyn Ross and PEOPLE’s Andrea Lavinthal streaming on (above) and our sister site, Read EW’s full recap here. And happy watching!

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