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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Any new info on Felicity and Oliver from Arrow? — Arti

If you want to know how Oliver and Felicity are handling their new situation, read here. But if you want to know whether The Calculator is Felicity’s father, then keep reading. “Definitely tune in,” said EP Wendy Mericle when I posed that popular theory. “We are very excited about this character. He does have a connection to Felicity. We’re just really thrilled. Tom Amandes has been amazing in the role and is bringing a lot of kindness and a lot of malice to this character.”

Spoil me with Red and Liz please. #TheBlacklist — Hestia

Thursday’s episode certainly raised a very interesting question: Is Raymond Reddington really Raymond Reddington? “Look, he said, ‘Don’t believe anything I say, I’m a liar, criminals are liars, I’m a notorious liar,’ ” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “He warned us the day we met him not to trust anything he said. We know that he went to Dr. Maltz [Andrew Dice Clay], we know he’s had surgeries, we know that there was only one photograph — they don’t really know what he looked like. You look at anybody 20 years later, they sometimes look quite different. Is there a possibility that he’s not who he says he is? I think we should trust very little about what Reddington says.” Theories go in the comments section below! Also, did you see this?

Hi! Any scoop on Castle‘s return in February would be appreciated. Thanks. — Rida

When the show returns, Castle and Beckett are finally on the same page. “They’re back together, but they’re keeping it a secret,” EP Alexi Hawley says. “They’re fighting in public and romancing in private, which adds a little spark to their relationship.” Bonus scoop: Jon Huertas and Susan Sullivan will both sing in the a cappella-themed midseason premiere, which features Corbin Bleu.

Anything The 100, especially Clexa! — Carol

Hmm, there are a couple things that surprised me about the coming episodes: Roan’s identity and what he wants with Clarke. Who actually trapped the Arkers with those logs. Just how important Mount Weather is. And the fact that, despite being called the Ice Queen, Brenda Strong’s character is the polar (heh heh) opposite of this. As for Clexa, look closer at this GIF.

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Anything on Amelia’s relapse on Grey’s Anatomy? — Eryn

When Grey’s returns, Amelia is “sad, isolated, and circling the margins,” Caterina Scorsone says. “She’s not in a good place. She’s drinking again. Amelia is at a very, very low point.” Unfortunately, “Owen’s going through his own drama with Riggs, so he’s not in a very good place either,” Scorsone adds, noting that Amelia and Owen are not emotionally capable of being there for each other. “They’ve both isolated themselves. There’s a saying about not being sick on the same day, and in this case, they’re sick on the same day.”

It’s been so long since there’s been any Blindspot scoop! — Kyle

As if losing her boyfriend wasn’t bad enough, Patterson may soon pay the price for letting David look at those classified documents that led to his grisly and untimely death in the first place.

Just so I understand the rules of time travel on Legends of Tomorrow, they can’t go back in time to an event they’ve already tinkered with. But can they go back to their own pasts and change things? — Russell

Yes, they can, but it wouldn’t be easy. “One of the things that we establish on this show is that time wants to happen,” EP Marc Guggenheim says. “We haven’t done a story yet where a character wants to go back and change a seminal moment in their lives, but it would be extremely difficult to do.” In short, Sara could try to prevent herself from getting on the Queen’s Gambit, but she may just end up on the boat via other means. “Also, I’m not entirely sure that Sara Lance would want to change that,” Guggenheim counters. “Obviously those years in the League and on Lian Yu were not sunshine and roses, but Sara’s content with the person that she is. She doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to change who she is.”

Do you have anything Ryan-Alex related for Quantico? — Henrietta

Set aside the recent introduction of Ryan’s ex-wife, because that’s not what’s standing in their way. “The problem actually is not even Hannah, it’s what happens with Ryan and Alex after everything they’ve been through,” Priyanka Chopra tells me. “How do they get through? They love each other, but they can’t be together, because Alex is her own destruction. She’s so dark that anything good for her she runs away from. She’s so afraid of being hurt that she hurts herself [rather] than to have someone else betray her. That’s going to be her [down]fall.”

Is it weird that I’m ‘shipping Alex and Maxwell Lord, even though we know he’s a bad guy on Supergirl? — Willa

No, you’re not weird, Willa … “There’s tons of chemistry between Chyler [Leigh] and Peter [Facinelli],” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “It’s insanity. While it’s fun to play the tension, I don’t think anyone in the public or any of us want to see Alex fall for somebody who has done such despicable things.” Still, Kreisberg adds, “We’ll let the will-they-won’t-they linger until people stop watching.”

Will we ever see what happened to the rest of the world on Colony? — Jen

That’s the million-dollar question, Jen. What I can promise is that the show will explore what’s outside the walls, particularly what’s in the dystopic downtown. “We will go there, yes,” EP Carlton Cuse says. “We will go across the walls during the course of the season.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: Does surviving TCA count?

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Additional reporting by Shirley Li and Dalene Rovenstine.

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