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When Veronica Mars fans heard Kristen Bell was reuniting with series creator Rob Thomas for a role on his new show iZombie, it seemed like the stars were finally aligning. And as far as Bell was concerned, it was a no-brainer. As she told EW in a conference call, friendship is “permanently on the books for Rob and I.”

“There’s a constant dialogue about projects and when we can work together again, and it’s unfortunate that our schedules are quite different and that my kids and current television show keep me very busy so I’m not often available. But he knows I would be there for anything were I to have the time,” Bell said. And when it comes to her voiceover cameo on iZombie, she says it was “actually less than I would have liked to do.”

But it doesn’t get better than reading some erotica. “[Rob] called and said, ‘We have an episode where we’re investigating a woman who has written erotic novels; are you interested in playing the voice of a woman who has written erotic novels?’ Before he finished the sentence, I screamed, ‘Yes!’ “

A fan of iZombie herself, Bell says she loves watching Thomas give life to such complex female characters. “They’re so layered and the snark he allows them to have just gives them a level of intelligence that makes you want to root for them. He writes girls who are with it and who have a lot of wit.”

When asked by EW about the comparisons she sees between iZombie‘s Liv and Veronica Mars‘ title heroine, Bell said, “Definitely the intelligence level, the desire to solve cases of sorts. Veronica busied herself with helping the underdog whereas Liv busies herself with helping a victim, but their sassiness, which I always love to see in women, their ability to speak up and talk back is something I think is similar in both girls. Their circumstances are much much different but their attitudes are similar.”

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As for what Veronica would look like as a zombie, she laughed. “Veronica had so many dramatic circumstances in her real life; to add a level of fantasy, she’s might’ve spontaneously combusted,” she said.

But most important for die-hard fans of Mars, Bell says there’s still hope. “We’ve ping-ponged other ideas but it always comes back to Veronica Mars because it’s so special to the both of us and in truth, because it’s so beloved by fans,” she said. “The whole reason to create something is so people will love it and we have the best fans on the planet so we’re definitely still looking for the window where we could allow Veronica to exist again, whether it’s a miniseries or a short-run cable series.”

The biggest hiccup in their way is simply busy schedules. But as Bell put it, “We haven’t dropped the conversation. It just might end up being more like a Murder, She Wrote, where I’m 80.”

We’d watch it.

Bell’s episode of iZombie airs on Feb. 2 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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