By Samantha Highfill
January 22, 2016 at 07:38 PM EST
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

When Kristen Bell got the call from her former Veronica Mars boss Rob Thomas asking her to cameo on iZombie, she immediately said yes. Well, at least after she found out that her role would involve a voice-over in which she got to read erotica. But there was no way that Bell could’ve predicted just how much joy she would get out of her quick cameo. 

“[Rob] sent me the voice-over, which Liv will obviously hear and use to solve [a murder] in the episode,” Bell told EW during a conference call. “The funny thing that came about was that Rob was making it very easy for me to accomplish this and said, ‘Just record it on your phone, send it to me, we’ll lay it into the episode.’ I was sitting in my husband’s trailer while he was shooting CHiPs on a weekend while both my kids were sleeping in the bedroom of the trailer and said, ‘Oh, I have a moment away from them, I’ll get it done.’ So I wrote out my lines, which was a paragraph or two of erotica, recorded it on my phone and sent it to Rob.”

But Bell had no idea what effect her role was going to have on her husband. “Well, when I got home later that night, Dax [Shepard] starts to tell me that the weirdest thing happened to him at work. Somebody slipped him a piece of erotica into his trailer and he was confused as to who did it. He was trying to find out who wanted him to read their stuff; he was attempting to solve who submitted a piece of erotica into his trailer and he was utterly confused, and thank God he told me about it because otherwise he would’ve thought someone on the set of CHiPs was writing erotica and slipping it into his trailer,” Bell said, laughing.

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Bell quickly took credit for the erotica, but she said the best part of the entire scenario was how Shepard reacted to discovering the piece of paper. “The funniest part was he went all Veronica Mars with how to figure out the origin of this erotica. He said, ‘Here’s the thing, I’m looking at it, it’s written on a piece of paper, it’s just sitting there in my trailer and I noticed it’s written in shorthand, so the person who wrote it used the number 2 instead of the word two, and the letter B instead of the word be, so what I’m going to do is look over the shoulder of anyone who’s writing on a notepad on set for the next couple weeks and see if i can find who’s writing in shorthand.’ He turned into Veronica Mars to try to figure out the origin of this erotica.”

As for the erotica itself, Bell said she found this role “particularly amusing,” especially knowing her old friend had written it. “It was bizarre and I was so happy to be a part of it,” she said.

Bell’s episode of iZombie airs Tuesday, Feb. 2 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.