The actor and stand-up will headline Riot LA, an alternative comedy festival, on Jan. 29

By Julia Edelman
January 22, 2016 at 10:06 PM EST
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David Cross is going on tour again, and might be coming to a city near you. For the first time in six years, he’ll embark on a stand-up tour, Trump-ily titled, “Making America Great Again.” Cross will begin at the Observatory North Park in San Diego on Tuesday, and then headline Riot LA, an alternative comedy festival.

The Arrested Development and Mr. Show star explained his reasoning behind a 51-date nationwide stand-up tour. “I found out that I had to have pretty massive shoulder surgery that I could not put off, and that takes you out of commission for several months, and also necessitates that I have to be in the same city because you have pretty intense physical therapy after the operation, so I thought, ‘I can’t do any projects, and won’t be able to use my arms for a couple of months, so I’ll get a stand-up set ready and go out on tour,’ ” he tells EW. “It was perfect timing, really.”

Waiting for perfect timing affects some of his other possible projects too. When asked if he was already in production for the next season of Arrested Development, he laughs.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” he says. “I haven’t heard a thing. I only hear about it the same way everybody else does, which is the Internet. Nobody talked to me about it and I’m going on tour for six months … so hopefully they’re not starting to shoot soon.”

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Cross, however, did not seem surprised that he hadn’t heard anything.

“This happened last time. I mean, I knew they were working on it, but it took forever for Mitch and all those guys to do the deal with Netflix. Occasionally, I’d talk to Will Arnett or Jason Bateman, but that’s it,” he says. “I didn’t really hear anything until it was pretty much time to go. So you know, I’ll believe it when I see it. I know that they’re writing, I know Mitch has an idea for it, and literally, that is all I know. If it works out, great, I would love to do it, of course. It’s such a fun show to do and a great cast to work with.”

When asked about the most common Arrested Development references he gets from fans, Cross tells EW, “Usually people just yell out ‘Tobias.’ That’s nine out of 10 times. And then, occasionally, you’ll get someone that says, ‘I just blue myself.'” 

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