'He is a fantastic and interesting actor,' the CW star says
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The Flash (TV series)

TV’s Flash will have you know there are no hard feelings between him and his big-screen counterpart.

Grant Gustin, who plays the speedy superhero also known as Barry Allen on the CW’s The Flash, has posted an open letter to Twitter expressing solidarity with Ezra Miller, who will portray an alternate version of the character in Warner Bros’. movie universe based on DC Comics characters.

“I fully support Ezra Miller as Barry Allen and the Flash on the feature side of DC,” Gustin wrote. “I’ve never met the guy, but I think he is a fantastic and interesting actor.”

Gustin acknowledged that, yes, he would have liked to play the Flash in a film, adding, “I love this character and it has changed my life.”

But he shot down any notion of “bashing” Miller. “I don’t condone that type of behavior (especially on the Internet) and I definitely don’t partake. … Everyone chill and be nice.”

Miller was annointed the big-screen Flash in October 2014, just days after the CW series launched. He’ll play the character in a standalone Flash movie and the Justice League two-parter, and quite possibly a cameo in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

A few months ago, Miller spoke to EW about how his version of the Flash will differ from Gustin’s. “Well, [first] it’s going to be a movie,” he said. “I’d like for it to be an exploration of a human being, a multi-dimensional human being, to speak. … I hope to realize him as a person, and I think what’s most exciting for me in superhero mythologies is when we feel the humanity of someone who is heroic — or the heroism of someone who is a flawed, deeply human person.”

Read Gustin’s message:

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