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By Dalene Rovenstine
Updated January 21, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
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The 100 season 3 premiere is (almost) here. Fans are prepared for the three-month time-jump and for the war that’s to come, but there are still a lot of unknowns.

To fully prepare for the return of what Jeff Jensen calls “one of TV’s best Big Saga serials,” EW asked creator Jason Rothenberg and actors Marie Avgeropoulos, Bob Morley, Christopher Larkin, Eliza Taylor, Devon Bostick, and Richard Harmon to tease other season 3 elements. Here’s everything they could tell us…

…about the time-jump

“There’s relative peace when we start, so the people are able to take a breath, explore, and map the region. They’re building a real, functioning civilization, which they haven’t had a chance to do since they landed because they’ve been getting killed every second of every day. Now they can do that. And then the s— hits the fan.” —Rothenberg

…about Ice Nation

“[They] are a bit of an unknown. They’re quite renowned for being very fierce and aggressive. [Skaikru] are really not expecting that kind of welcome that they give them.” —Morley

…about the Big Bad

“This season you have to decide who the bad guy is and what side you want to be on, because one of the things Jason [Rothenberg] is doing a great job of is putting the leads all over the map and on all different sides — fighting each other and not even knowing they’re fighting each other.” —Harmon

…about Clarke

“I think fans will be very surprised with how Clarke has changed and been hardened by and broken by what she’s had to do.” —Rothenberg

“I think everyone is just going on with their lives [without her]. There’s not a lot you can do about somebody who wants to just leave and be on their own. You can sit there and wallow in it or you can just carry on. There are bigger fish to fry really… like this thing called living.” [Laughs] —Morley

“She’s been our natural leader for the last two seasons, so the question becomes, who takes that position now, who’s going to be fighting over leadership, and what does that do to the Arkers.” —Larkin

“Clarke has gone from a hero to a villain. That’s not necessarily true, but that’s Jasper’s perspective because of the things that she’s done. I’m sure there are characters who miss her, some who loathe her, and some who are just curious where the hell she is.” —Bostick

“Clarke’s on the run basically. Where we left her last season she was really messed up over what she did at Mount Weather, so she’s out by herself in the woods just trying to come to terms with what she’s done. She’s kind of gone rogue. She’s all about surviving at this point, just living off the land and doing the best to stay alive by herself. She’s just decided that this is her new life and she’s not thinking about who she’s left behind; it’s too painful.” —Taylor

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…about relationships

Bellamy and Clarke: “I think Bellamy’s quite upset that Clarke’s abandoned him. He says in the season finale, ‘You didn’t do this by yourself; you don’t have to punish yourself; I was there with you; I did it with you.’ And she left anyway. It left him to really look after everyone so I think that he’s going to be a little bit peeved.” —Taylor

Lexa and Clarke: “Lexa did abandon Clarke … Clarke was falling for her, and obviously Lexa was falling for Clarke. That wasn’t bulls—; that wasn’t a lie. It was true; it was real. But Lexa made a decision — which she said at that time was with her head and not with her heart. She made a decision that benefited her people rather than herself personally, which sadly or not, is what good leaders have to do. Clarke is a good leader herself; she’s going to need to realize that if they’re ever going to get past it.” —Rothenberg

“That’s another thing that Clarke’s put on the back burner. She’s trying desperately not to think about Lexa because that was a huge betrayal of her trust, and she really did love her. When they see each other again, they’ve got a lot to sort out.” —Taylor

Murphy and Clarke: “Maybe this season we get a little bit more in-depth with that relationship, which would be cool because I’d like to see those two together — not together, obviously. I’m not ‘shipping it,’ as they say, but I’d like to see that dynamic.” —Harmon

“They meet in a very cool way. [Clarke and Murphy] have a fun little adventure together … [there’s] a lot of love-hate in that relationship.” —Taylor

Monty and Jasper: “The last time Monty saw Jasper, he had just murdered Jasper’s girlfriend, Maya. So we get to see how that relationship has developed or fallen apart depending on how those three months [in the time-jump] have gone… [And] that depends on whether Jasper can find it in his heart to forgive Monty. No matter what Monty does to patch things up, that relationship will always be severed in a way.” —Larkin

“They’re going to have a little bit of a head butt. There’s going to be some tension there — not sexual tension unfortunately, but maybe season 4.”[Laughs] —Bostick

…about that other story line

“Through Murphy and Jaha’s story line, we’re the ones bringing in the new world, which we haven’t seen before on the show.” —Harmon

“That whole storyline will shock viewers and throw them for a crazy loop.” — Avgeropoulos

…about A.L.I.E.

“There will be an episode dedicated to A.L.I.E.’s creation and hence the City of Light and the birth of that.” —Larkin

“She’s a program — we know that — she’s an A.I. She probably got a little smart for her own good. She’s there for a reason, and we’re just now finding out what that reason was. I mean yeah, maybe be a touch concerned.” —Harmon

“A.L.I.E. is such a great character because a part of you wants to be terrified by her because you can’t trust this computer, this A.I., and another part of you is a little curious as to what her plan is and whether she may actually be right.” —Devon

“I think everyone should be quite terrified. [pause] Yeah. That’s about it.” [Laughs] —Morley

…about the City of Light

“The City of Light story this season is hugely important and very, very, very different for us. I think by the end of the story everybody is going to love it. I knew going in that it’s a very sci-fi story and it’s just different, so I was going to have to turn the heat up on it slowly.” —Rothenberg

“It’s something different to everyone. It depends on the individual.” —Larkin

“I think it’s just an idea. It’s more than that, but it’s an idea of a utopia. But is any utopia a utopia? I don’t think that’s possible.” —Bostick

The 100 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

—Additional reporting by Natalie Abrams

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