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Will and Katie Bowman live in a world in which aliens (sorry, Hosts), at some point, invaded earth, then bestowed power on so-called Collaborators to keep humans in line; you’d think keeping secrets in their marriage would be a footnote — but not this secret.

In the Colony series premiere, Will (Josh Holloway) was forced to collaborate with the Hosts. In exchange for hunting down the resistance, there’s the tiniest possibility that the Bowmans will get their missing son back. Little does Will know that his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) is actually a member of the resistance. Can this couple survive what’s coming? EW sat down with Holloway and Callies to get the scoop:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How long can Katie keep this secret from Will while also using him for information?

SARAH WAYNE CALLIES: By way of answering that question I’ll say that we were shooting episode 6, and our director turned to me and said, “I don’t think your husband should watch this episode.” I said, “Why?” He said, “Because no man wants to know that his wife can lie that easily.” It’s possible that Katie can keep it up for quite a while. The problems start not to be logistical problems of how do I maintain this lie, but emotional problems of how do I deceive someone I care so deeply about?

Does Will sense anything amiss?

JOSH HOLLOWAY: That’s something you want to dismiss in your relationship. I’ll take any opportunity to say, “Nah, it couldn’t be.” My emotions would do that naturally, because I want to protect my wife. Yes, as smart and as intuitive as he may be, he doesn’t want to see that. It slowly dawns on him, and the story unfolds patiently with that and comes to a head this season. We continue in a different way.

CALLIES: We just can’t talk about that part!

HOLLOWAY: But it is addressed.

How do you think the pressure on both sides starts to crack the relationship?

HOLLOWAY: Oh God, yes. Any sustained pressure on a relationship — relationships are hard enough. Just life, that pressure to sustain and be a parent and be good. Now under the occupation, they’re emotionally cracking.

CALLIES: One of the greatest dangers, from my perspective, is that old adage of you can’t love somebody if you don’t love yourself. It sounds a little silly, but I think there’s a lot of self-hatred that starts to develop for Katie over the sense of looking at her husband, seeing what she’s going through, recognizing that she’s involved in so much of what’s difficult for him, even though she’s doing it to try to protect him. It’s easy to become wary of others when you know that you’re behaving in ways that are dishonest. It’s a massive lie of omission.

HOLLOWAY: And our children are at stake. Our love is at stake. That’s huge.

Do they believe Proxy Snyder (Peter Jacobson) that there’s a chance they could find their son? I’m nervous the son is dead and this is all for naught.

HOLLOWAY: You have no choice.

CALLIES: You have no choice. I think the man is untrustworthy.

HOLLOWAY: I do think he’s untrustworthy.

CALLIES: But you’re working your angle, and I’m working mine.

HOLLOWAY: That’s the only information I have about the possibility of my son being alive, even if it’s coming from Satan. I’ll kill him later. I’ll take whatever information at this point.

CALLIES: These are two people who are doing everything that they’re doing for each other and for the safety of their family. They may making radically different choices and both becoming ethically compromised on a lot of levels, but it’s in the name of protecting their own.

How far will Will go to find the resistance?

HOLLOWAY: My character is in the beginnings of discovering. His mission is partially information. We know nothing about these invaders. In order to do his job at all, he has to believe somewhat that he is trying to protect innocent people from getting killed, because this resistance is not organized yet. They don’t have enough information. This is how he’s justifying what he’s trying to do. But in that, he’s an FBI investigator, he’s looking for information everywhere about everything. That’s the mission. I’m looking for their weakness as well as protecting my family.

Not everyone in the resistance has the same goal. Does that scare Katie?

CALLIES: Absolutely. What Carlton [Cuse] and Ryan [Condal] have explored so brilliantly with this story of resistance and insurgency is the space between your ideals and your actions. Katie is passionate and naïve, which makes her very vulnerable to manipulation and exploitation. The story of her first few weeks and months with the resistance is the story of a woman realizing that she’s not in the cast of Les Mis. This is not like, “We’re going to storm the barricade!” This is a story of a group of people who have come together more in a “by any means necessary” perspective. There are profound philosophical shifts and fractures even within the resistance. Eventually, that means that this woman has to take a stand and say, “I will do this, I will not do that.”

Even though they’re working on two opposite sides in this occupation, do you think they want the same thing?


CALLIES Absolutely.

HOLLOWAY: Welcome to marriage! We can want the same damn thing, but we will definitely go about it differently.

CALLIES: And we’re going to fight about it!

Colony airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.

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