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Guest Starring John Noble

Legends of Tomorrow isn’t Arthur Darvill’s first time-travel gig, as the show’s crew is so creatively reminding him.

The star of the CW’s new DC Comics-based show previously soldiered across time and space as Rory Williams, one of the so-called companions in Doctor Who.

During Darvill’s two-year run in the BBC sci-fi adventure series, his character accompanied the titular Time Lord (then played by Matt Smith), a coat-wearing, screwdriver-wielding alien in a stolen time machine who galavants across the universe, saving people (and planets) in trouble. Now, in Legends of Tomorrow, Darvill plays a Time Master named Rip Hunter, a coat-wearing rogue in a stolen time machine, who gathers a team of disparate heroes (and villains) to save the planet.

If the similarities between those premises aren’t enough to make Darvill feel at home on the Legends of Tomorrow set, then this Dalek cobbled together by the Legends crew might be just the thing to, ahem, exterminate any new-show jitters. Darvill posted a picture of the makeshift Dalek — which features a top that proves colanders are cool — on Instagram, writing, “The crew of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW are trying a little too hard to make me feel like I’m at home. Slow clap. Thanks guys.”

A DC-Doctor Who crossover seems unlikely, but at least Rip Hunter has some super-powered company should he cross paths with a Dalek.

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Guest Starring John Noble
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