Also, whatever happened to Michael and Adam?
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Devil's Bargain

From the looks of Supernatural‘s midseason trailer, the upcoming battle against both Lucifer and the Darkness is not going to be easy. But will the brothers remain united? And will God ever show up?

We spoke with Supernatural showrunner Jeremy Carver about the show’s return and what fans can expect from the rest of season 11.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: We haven’t spoken since the reveal that the Darkness is God’s sister, which is one of my favorite twists you all have ever done. I have to know: Was that always the plan?

JEREMY CARVER: Yeah. When devising the character we’re trying to find ways to make it the most relatable. It instantly humanizes an otherworldly force by creating something of a sibling rivalry, and of course it also connects to the sibling nature of Sam and Dean. For us, it fits into all the themes and everything that we’ve been trying to drive home over 11 years.

From the moment the cage was revisited, fans have been wondering what happened to Michael and Adam. Is that something that’s going to be addressed or are you more focused on the Sam-Lucifer of it all?

We make mention of it in the coming episode, giving folks a bit of an update on what’s been going on in the cage. It’s not the biggest mention and the focus really is in the Lucifer-Sam part of it but there is some mention of it.

Poor Sam had so much trust that these visions were from God, and now he’s stuck in the cage with the real manipulator. Is this experience going to be the thing that finally causes Sam to lose faith in God?

That’s an excellent question and it’s something definitely that we will continue to have Sam sort of dwell on. I would think if this experience is going to alter Sam in any way, it might move him a little bit more from optimist to realist in the coming weeks. That’s best understood by what unfolds.

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Should we be concerned that Lucifer can still get inside Sam’s head?

In the very personal way of being directly in the cage with Sam, I think Sam’s immediate concern right now is that this isn’t an issue of Lucifer being in his head, it’s an issue of Lucifer being two feet in front of him and getting into his head with a very real and very persuasive pitch to do the things that Lucifer wants Sam to do. The immediate struggle is resisting that.

Last we saw Amara, she was smited. I know that’s a big mystery, but what can you say about her moving forward?

The question is: Can the power of the angels defeat a being with the power of God? That’s the question.

I love that. And speaking of Amara, you’ve planted seeds of various monsters sort of forming little armies, and obviously, Sam and Dean are seeking help from unlikely places. Is the presence of the Darkness going to more or less put all other monsters on the same team?

I think that’s left to be discovered. We’ve certainly seen some of that so far. I think more immediately it’s putting some of our major players on the same team, or at least temporarily you know the whole strange bedfellows type of logic of it all and I think we can expect to see that continue that this is an entity that there’s no clear way to deal with and it’s going to take teaming ups and double crosses amongst friends and enemies to begin to even find the way to take this thing out.

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We know Sam has a personal connection to Lucifer, and now, Amara has kissed Dean. Are these connections going to cause friction between the brothers? You spoke a lot at the beginning of this year about how they’re on the same team.

I think what we were saying at the beginning of the season is that the boys really do have the same want this year. There are always secrets in the moment, which we’ve seen. I think ultimately, we’ve seen each brother come around to admitting the truth. I don’t see necessarily a fracture in the relationship coming. I think there’s real differences of opinion based on real vulnerabilities that each brother is willing to share with the other. It feels like it’s not quite as dastardly or dark as Sam stealing off with Ruby in the middle of the night. It’s a bit more of, at least for the first part of the second half of the season, a bit more of a united front than we’ve seen, which we like.

Okay, I’m going there. You can say whatever you like, but I’m going there: Is the appearance of God inevitable at this point?

I think the appearance of God is probably the number one question mark that has loomed in the back of everyone’s minds this season.

Well played, Jeremy.

[Laughs] Thanks.

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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