Meanwhile, Steve Harvey was 'angry': 'I read the teleprompter'
Credit: NBC

A month after Steve Harvey mistakenly crowned Miss Colombia the winner of Miss Universe, the two are opening up about the painful experience.

Following Ariadna Gutiérrez’s appearance on The Steve Harvey Show earlier this week — where the host apologized to her for his mistake — the two sat down again on Wednesday’s episode of the Today show.

“I felt humiliated, but not of Steve Harvey’s mistake, just for what happened,” Gutiérrez admitted. “It was like ‘Oh my God, I’m not Miss Universe, what am I going to do now? Everyone is going to laugh at me and make fun of me.’”

Harvey said he felt ashamed, but also angry that no one else stepped up to admit a part in the mix-up.

“I read the teleprompter, and clearly I read what it said to read, and then I followed the direct instruction in my ear,” he said. “We went straight from, ‘And the new 2015 Miss Universe is…’ and when they said read the card, all the cards in rehearsal never had any of that on there, except the name.”

The two have since made up, and in the interview, even joke about hosting next year’s competition together — with Miss Colombia reading the card, of course.

Watch the full interview below.