By Madison Vain
Updated January 20, 2016 at 07:58 PM EST
Credit: Jeff Golden/WireImage

Ray LaMontagne collaborated with My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James for his forthcoming album and listeners finally got a taste of what they made Wednesday when he dropped the fuzzy “Hey, No Pressure.”

In the lyrics, the singer-songwriter laments watching someone dear to him buckle under the weight of their responsibilities. “Anything you want your life to mean/It can mean,” he assures them. The words certainly ring true for the artist. When EW spoke to him about the new album, Ouroboros, he said he doesn’t force his music. “I kind of equate it to the Peter Pan experience,” he said of his process. “If Peter Pan comes to your window and you try to tell him what you want to do or try to direct in any way, he’ll disappear. So that’s how I do it, I sit down and if it doesn’t feel right, then I just set it aside. I don’t force anything. I just let things happen.”

As for working with James, LaMontagne says, “It was probably the best experience I’ve had in the studio, ever. It was just such a generous, kind, creative, playful atmosphere.”

Ouroboros is expected to drop in early 2016.