Last week, Roots drummer Questlove gave an all too brief account of the time Prince pulled him from his DJ set at a nightclub to play Finding Nemo instead. Turns out there’s a little more to the story.

For Questlove’s birthday, the Tonight Show bandleader teamed up with Okayplayer to not only tell the tale, but to bring it to life with an animated story time.

It all went down in 2004 during Prince’s Musicology tour. Questlove organized a get-together for 10 friends (including his date) to catch the show in Philadelphia, rolling up in a pink stretch Hummer. But he ended up a ticket short. So Quest hit up Prince’s assistant to get in. His Purpleness obliged, but then asked Questlove to set up an after-party on the fly with certain demands.

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The party all goes well until Prince is done with Quest’s music choice. See the hilarious animated clip above.