Walt Disney Co./Courtesy Everett Collection
January 20, 2016 at 11:12 PM EST

There are a million things Troy Bolton hasn’t done — but just you wait.

Wednesday is the 10-year anniversary of Disney Channel Original Movie/cinematic masterpiece High School Musical, and you should celebrate by watching this impeccable fan video, which mashes up the biggest musical sensation of 2006 with the biggest musical sensation of 2016. 

The parallels between High School Musical and Hamilton are surprisingly perfect. Troy’s difficult path from basketball prodigy to singing superstar is all too reminiscent of Alexander Hamilton’s rise to the top. And who knew Zac Efron’s melodramatic choreography in “Bet On It” would sync so seamlessly with “My Shot”?

The casting is also impeccable. The cello-loving skater dude is Lafayette, “hip-hop is my passion” girl is Hercules Mulligan, and Zeke, baker extraordinaire, is Laurens. And Chad, who originally discourages Troy from pursuing his dreams of musical stardom, is Aaron Burr, of course. Burr’s motto, after all, is basically “stick to the status quo.”

Best of all? Even Lin-Manuel Miranda himself gave his stamp of approval.

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