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High School Musical
Credit: Fred Hayes/Disney Channel/Courtesy Everett Collection

Greetings, jocks, nerds, thespians, and skaters alike! Today we celebrate the legendary Disney Channel Original Movie High School Musical, which started something new on Jan. 20, 2006, and went on to spawn two successful sequels (as well as an upcoming fourth installment) and kick-start enormous careers for some of its young stars.

To recap: When Zac Efron’s basketball star Troy Bolton and Vanessa Hudgens’ science nerd Gabriella Montez discover that they love singing together, the bizarrely strict social order of East High School deems their inter-clique fraternization and shared appreciation for musical theater utterly reprehensible.

Will Troy and Gabriella’s commitment to different after-school activities tear them apart? Or will they be able to, ahem, break free of the cruel system that threatens to thwart their dream of starring in East High’s winter musical, Twinkle Town?

Hope you’re ready to getcha head in the game and take our quiz to find out where you belong! No pressure! We’re all in this together, assuming “together” means neatly separated into clearly delineated groups. Go Wildcats!

High School Musical
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