'To some people, a house is a horse'

By Christian Holub
Updated January 20, 2016 at 01:48 PM EST
Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
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Fred Armisen may be most famous for his comedic roles on Saturday Night Live and Portlandia, but he’s also a dedicated music fan — not to mention Seth Meyers’ bandleader on Late Night. So when Armisen appeared on The Tonight Show Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon put his musical expertise to the test with a game of “Instant Song Analysis.” The two men took turns making up random songs on the spot for the other one to analyze.

Fallon’s first song was about a boy meeting a girl, buying a house, and then buying a horse. Armisen brought his lyrical analysis to bear on the similarities between “house” and “horse.”

“‘House’ and ‘horse,’ why those words? You think, ‘Oh, ’cause they’re H-words. It’s not as simple as that,” Armisen said. “Because to some people, a house is a horse. Think of it as an acronym: Hey Over Really So Everybody. You know when you say that in front of your house? It’s that kind of thing.”

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Armisen’s song is about a group of cousins who all have crew cuts. Fallon’s analysis? At a family reunion one year, a cousin started his own hair-cutting business but could only do that one hairdo.

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