By Lana, Maya & Zoe Soskin
January 20, 2016 at 05:17 PM EST
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This episode’s theme is, “Who do you feel bad for more?”

  1. Brynn/Her Mom
  2. The Minis
  3. The Original Team
  4. Abby
  5. Brynn/Her Mom

    Even though she acted like a baby last week, Abby gives Kendall a second chance by giving her one of the solos (along with JoJo, who is quickly becoming our favorite). Wait. Abby doesn’t really give second chances, so of course there’s a twist: Each soloist has to have a back-up girl practice with them to learn their dance as well, with the fear of losing their solo if their back-up does it better. JoJo’s back-up is Nia, who of course practices out of the way, letting JoJo shine. Kendall gets the new girl Brynn, who practices right out in front, making it seem like she is trying to steal Kendall’s solo! This causes all the moms to turn against Brynn (who can’t be more than 10) and her mom, Ashlee (with two E’s).

    “Teammates don’t steal each other’s solos!” 

    Jill, worried that Abby is going to take the solo from her daughter, goes into a complete tirade. 

    “Tell your daughter to stop dancing up front!”

    “Brynn is not the next Maddie!”

    “If your daughter had a brain in her head, she would move out of the way!”

    The final comment she screams at Ashlee and then again to Brynn, reducing her to tears.

    As Brynn is off in another room, sobbing in her mother’s arms after being called stupid on national television, I ask my girls if they still dislike her.

    Quietly, they say, “We feel bad for her.”

    Minis vs. Originals

    As if adding Brynn to the mix wasn’t pressure enough … Abby has a new dance team – Minis! This “new, threatening” dance team consists of young girls between the ages of 6 and 8. Anyone can see that this is just a ploy to make her current all-star team, who are becoming complacent, start to feel threatened so they will take it up a notch. It’s so obvious. However, that’s not how my daughters see it. They immediately become empathetic and come to the defense of the original girls. 

    “Mom. I feel terrible for the original girls. I’m worried, that they probably feel like they are being replaced.”

    “Abby is going to pay attention to this other team more and they will get sad.”

    “The moms are going to be upset because they want their daughters to be the next Maddie and this adds in more competition. I feel bad for all them.”

    Where my girls had an instant dislike towards poor Brynn (which was a bit concerning and something that I plan on addressing every time we watch Dance Moms and then forget), they had a very interesting take on this on the new “Minis.” 

    “They are 6 years old, have to wear more makeup then some of the moms (which is weird), can’t mess up and have to do all this on national TV. It makes me sad. I feel bad for them.”


    Abby’s legal woes are starting to heat up. Her lawyer calls with not good news during the competition. The judge thinks she is hiding money and it’s not looking good. This causes Abby to get really upset (understandably) and leave the competition. My daughters and I found this move completely logical. Who would want to be around a ton of people (and on national television) when they could be facing jail time and lose everything they worked for? The moms however, saw it differently.

    “Our girls won first place and Abby, once again isn’t here for them!”

    “Kendall did an amazing job and won and Abby missed it!”

    “Abby needs to get it together!”

    I turn to my girls and all they can say is, “I feel bad for Abby the most.”

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