Season 2 was a long time ago — let's refresh together

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Here’s what you need to know about The 100, season 2: Mistakes were made. The end.

Just kidding. We’ll give you a bit more to study up on, but those three words could describe the second season. Villages were massacred, friends were mercy-killed, civilizations were completely eliminated — lots of questionable actions all around.

A lot in general happened in season 2. Whether you watched it nine months ago or nine days ago, you probably need a refresher, so here we’ve compiled what you need to know before Thursday’s season 3 premiere:

How did last season end?

With no good guys, that’s how.

Mount Weather — the season 2 Big Bad — had most of the Arkers rounded up to extract their bone marrow, which had the power to save the Undergrounders, but would kill the Arkers who “donated” it.

The Grounders, led by their commander, Lexa, had made an alliance with the Sky People to help save everyone in Mount Weather. However, right before entering the facility, Lexa made a counter-alliance with the Mountain Men and left the Sky People to fend for themselves.

In order to save their own people, Clarke, Monty, and Bellamy made the decision to irradiate Mount Weather, killing all of the Undergrounders inside, including Jasper’s girlfriend, Maya.

The Sky Crew return to Camp Jaha to recuperate, but Clarke goes into the wilderness alone because she couldn’t live around them after what she had done.

Jaha and Murphy, on a completely different type of wilderness journey, were separated on an island. Murphy finds a Lost-style bunker, and Jaha finds a hologram named A.L.I.E. She’s an artificial intelligence that just so happens to have a nuke at her disposal.

Is there anyone new “landing” on Earth?

Yes, a few. We know the most about Pike, a new adult Arker played by Michael Beach. Based on previews, he seems pretty terrible. We also know about Roan, a rogue Grounder played by Zach McGowan, and Queen Nia of the Ice Nation, played by Brenda Strong.

What can fans expect from season 3?

More war. It may turn political, technological, or maybe even theoretical, but there will still be — and probably always be — war on this show. The premiere jumps forward three months from where the finale left off, and Jason Rothenberg tells EW that fans will be surprised by how much has changed. “New characters have new relationships; other older relationships have ended; life is a little different,” he says.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The 100 premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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