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Devil's Bargain

The first half of Supernatural‘s 11th season set a high bar: Between episodes like “Baby” and “Just My Imagination,” the show has managed to create one of its strongest seasons in years. So now, as fans look to the latter half of the season, what can they expect?

“We’re really happy with the back half of the season,” showrunner Jeremy Carver tells EW. Giving a few details on the upcoming return of Jody Mills, Carver says: “For the last season and a half, we’ve watched the boys essentially dump the characters of Alex and Claire on Sheriff Jody Mills’ doorsetep, and [in episode 12], we’re going to visit those three to see actually what kind of family they have or have not become. It’s a funny and an emotional episode watching these three women essentially trying to survive each other under one roof. Throw in Sam and Dean and it’s a fun episode.”

But Jody Mills isn’t the only returning face featured in season 11. As fans know, Bobby and Rufus will be back for an episode. “Coming up a bit later, we’re going to see the boys come across a case and realize they are investigating a case that was investigated years earlier by Bobby and Rufus,” Carver says. “And we’re going to watch Bobby and Rufus investigate this case as well. That’s a really cool, scary, nostalgic episode.”

And then there’s another episode that Carver is particularly excited about: “We will be going back in time for an episode and we will be essentially spending an episode on a World War II-era submarine with American soldiers of the time,” he says, explaining, “It’s basically our version of Das Boot. The whole production team has just done an absolutely astounding job, so that’s a really cool episode.”

Do we know anyone we’d want to see in a World War II flashback? Other than God. At this point, we’d like to see God anywhere, amirite?

Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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