CBS’ Nancy Drew series just took a big step forward toward becoming a reality, plus the project has been given a more serious-sounding new title.

The broadcaster has given a pilot order to Drew — yup, that’s the name now. The logline: “A contemporary take on the character from the iconic Nancy Drew book series. Now in her 30s, Nancy is a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.”

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So it’s Nancy Drew, only now called Drew. It’s about the famous teen sleuth, except she’s now in her 30s. And she’s solving mysteries, only as a detective in New York instead of as amateur in a fictional Midwestern town. Other than that, the show is totally about Nancy Drew!

The network is currently searching for an actress (non-Caucasian preferred, sources say) for the starring role.

Nancy Drew is just the latest property to get a reboot lately: 24, Prison Break, Twin Peaks, Full House, Degrassi, MacGyver, The Notebook, Gilmore Girls, Little Women and many, many others are also in various stages of development.

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