By Christian Holub
January 19, 2016 at 04:55 PM EST

Grimes captures the grittiness of underground subway platforms in her new video for “Kill V. Maim” off last year’s Art Angels — and she does it with the help of a leather-loving, surgical-mask-wearing gothic crew straight out of the Mad Max movies.

The video kicks off with a title card specifying that “Kill V. Maim” is the third act in a Grimes’ series of videos from the album, which began with the combined video for “Flesh Without Blood” and “Life in the Vivid Dream.”

Grimes (real name Claire Boucher) directed the cyberpunk clip herself, alongside brother Mac. This is in keeping with the artistic process of Art Angels, which Boucher wrote, sang, produced, and engineered herself. That attitude is something Boucher shares with Mad Max: Fury Road protagonist Imperator Furiosa, which probably explains why the video opens with a decidedly shaved Boucher riding a giant pink monster truck full of writhing leather-bound dancers.

Although the video abounds with visual homages to Mad Max (from leather punk outfits to face masks that resemble the villainous Immortan Joe), it’s painted over with Boucher’s signature art-pop aesthetic. George Miller may have envisioned apocalyptic desert wastelands and red earth where it rained forever, but even he couldn’t conceive of this video’s climactic blood-splattered warehouse rave. 

Watch the video below.