See the exclusive photos of 'Super' cars and special NASCAR trailer

We are 66 days from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the superhero blockbuster is already revving its engines. And for those fans who like to proclaim their loyalties with something more high-risk than breakfast cereal, there’s flying down the straightaway at 190 m.p.h. On March 20, five days before Dawn of Justice opens in theaters, Hendrick Motorsports teammates Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. will drive specially painted cars in the Auto Club 400 in California.

Johnson, the six-time NASCAR champ who’s been called the sport’s Superman, will get behind the wheel of a red and blue No. 48 Lowe’s Superman Chevrolet SS. Earnhardt, whose driven Batman and Superman themed cars in the past, gets to pilot a No. 88 Nationwide Batman Chevrolet SS​ this time. “I’m a Batman fan from way back,” Earnhardt told Fox in 2012. “I’d seen the first movie that they made with Michael Keaton, and every one after that, so I’m a fan of Batman and the Batmobile, and the Tumblers (here at the race track). Being a car guy, I can get into that part of the movie and understand the Batmobile as an icon of film.”

Earnhardt’s paint scheme will showcase the Batman emblem and textures of the Caped Crusader’s suit, while Johnson’s car will feature the iconic S-shield and Superman suit textures. Additionally, Earnhardt and Johnson will wear custom-designed superhero themed fire suits during the race weekend. (Unfortunately, they won’t be wearing cowls or capes.)

Johnson and Earnhardt are teammates, so it’s unlikely that one intends to make the other bleed, as Batman tells his rival in the trailer for the upcoming film. Like the Justice League heroes, they’ll ultimately shake hands after the race, but should they trade paint in the turns, there’s no saying who emerges on top.

In addition to giveaways and themed activities at the California race weekend, costumes from the film will be on display. Fans can purchase licensed Dawn of Justice Nos. 48 and 88 cars at participating retailers and online beginning Jan. 22.

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