Plus, a friendly reminder to all of us to stay on top of emails
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Rashida Jones has been everywhere this week, thanks to Angie Tribeca. The 10-episode first season aired live — for 25 straight hours — on TBS on Sunday, in addition to an eight-hour live telethon with a studio audience in Los Angeles. Jones talked to Carol Burnett on the phone, and show creators Steve Carell and his wife Nancy hung out as well.

So why did Jones decide to take all of this on? Well, simply enough, she couldn’t stop laughing her way through the script, as she told EW Radio host Jessica Shaw and EW Executive Editor at Large Dalton Ross. She added that there was no way she could pass the show up, despite her desire to take a break from acting following her turn on Parks and Recreation.

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Oh, and that script came via email. “What if I had missed that email? Would anybody have ever called me again?” Jones wondered. Watch her on EW’s Siriux XM show above.

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