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Glenn Frey was best known for his musical prowess, but the Eagles guitarist and co-founder, who died Monday at age 67, also dabbled in acting. His roles included a cheapskate football GM in Jerry Maguire, a plumber on a rescue mission in Let’s Get Harry, and a policeman with a teenage daughter running amok on Nash Bridges.

But perhaps none of Frey’s screen credits is as memorable as his guest appearance as a guitar-playing pilot on the first season of Miami Vice. In the episode “Smuggler’s Blues,” which aired in 1985, Frey played Jimmy Cole, a Vietnam veteran who agrees to fly Crockett and Tubbs on an off-book DEA mission to Colombia.

Inspired by Frey’s song of the same name (which also pops up on the soundtrack), “Smuggler’s Blues” features Frey rocking aviator shades and an Aloha shirt while delivering lines like, “I ain’t John Wayne and I don’t have an S on my chest, OK? I’m down with you cats if the play calls for it, but otherwise I ain’t into violence, so be brief about your business when we get there.”

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Best of all, the episode is currently on Hulu.

Watch “Smuggler’s Blues” above.

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