Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda do have some ideas, however, for Dolly Parton.
Credit: Everett Collection

It would be simple to stage a 9 to 5 reunion on Netflix’s Grace and Frankie starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin: All they’d have to do is invite Dolly Parton and let the hijinks begin!

But Marta Kauffman, who executive produces the single-camera comedy that’s about to start its second season on Netflix, is in no hurry to stage a homecoming for the three stars of the 1980 movie.

“Season 2 is not the right time. Spoiler alert!” Kauffman told reporters Sunday in Pasadena, California. “Here’s the deal. We’re still creating a world and the world is Grace and Frankie. These are characters you want to know and invest in. The minute we bring in Dolly Parton, who I love, It’s 9 to 5, no matter what you do.”

That said, Kauffman as well as Tomlin and Fonda — who both said they have ideas on how to include Parton — are not deadset to the idea. So stay tuned.

Grace and Frankie is about a pair of women whose divorce lawyer husbands leave them to marry each other. More episodes of the comedy, which also stars Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen, return to Netflix in May.

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