By Nick Romano
January 16, 2016 at 04:22 PM EST
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One of the perks of being host of The Tonight Show is that you can sift through Ray Romano‘s phone. The only catch is that he gets to do the same to you. 

When visiting Jimmy Fallon‘s late-show stage, the star of Everybody Loves Raymond and HBO’s Vinyl played Explain This Photo. It’s pretty self-explanatory: Fallon got to look through the photos on Romano’s phone which the actor then had to explain to the audience, followed by another round in which Romano turned the tables. 

The first image chosen was of Romano drinking wine out of the Claret jug, the Stanley Cup of golf, as sax player Kenny G and pro golfer Phil Mickelson watched. “I don’t drink because of — not because of Kenny G,” Romano said. “He’s related to the last time I drank. I got really drunk and I went to the bathroom and I started hearing Kenny G in the bathroom and I realized I’m p—ing in the elevator.”

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Elsewhere, Romano had photos of the making-of his prosthetic nose for Vinyl and his “Popeye Muscle” condition, which he then showed off to the audience. Watch him explain it in the video above. 

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