Ali Larter, Varsity Blues | Ok, technically it's not lingerie, but we have to give Larter credit for wearing this whipped cream bikini. It's a task that's not for the…

Varsity Blues is officially old enough for its senior year: The iconic high school football movie, which counts queen bee Regina George among its devoted fans, came out on Jan. 15, 1999, and turns 17 on Friday.

While of course Mox's "I don't want your life" outburst is up there among the film's most memorable moments, first prize has to go to Darcy (Ali Larter)'s failed attempt to seduce Mox (James Van Der Beek) wearing nothing but a whipped cream bikini (plus strategically placed cherries).

In celebration of this Varsity Blues milestone, we've ranked seven spoofs and pop-culture references to the iconic scene below. Call it the cherry on top of a birthday sundae. <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script><div class="pb_feed" data-embed-by="2caa8f66-cca8-4546-b24e-597b47cd0a7d" data-game="/cristinaeverett10/7-varsity-blues-whipped-cream-bikini-spoofs-ranked" data-recommend="false" data-game-info="false" data-comments="false" data-shares="false"></div>ï½ÝåÏÛÇ5ÙæÛÝ­¶Óž÷ݯvç^[ÙÖûk:

Varsity Blues
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