By Christian Holub
January 15, 2016 at 12:23 PM EST

After months of speculation, the eight Oscar nominees for Best Picture were announced Thursday morning. Although some were box office hits like The Martian and Mad Max: Fury Road, others were more more under-the-radar contenders. Enter Stephen Colbert, who used his show Thursday night to recap the plot of every nominee. Colbert noted he was capable of playing every part because “every nominee this year is white.”

Colbert kicked it off with The Revenant, putting on a fur hat and pretending to get throttled by a teddy bear while screaming in agonizing pain. The Brooklyn summary became a referendum not just on mid-century immigration but also modern-day gentrification (“63 years from now, I hope someone in this neighborhood will dress like me ironically”). 

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Granted, some of the nominees this year have very dark subject matter. Asked to joke quickly about Spotlight, which covers the Boston Globe investigative team who uncovered the depth of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal, Colbert opted to “pass.”

One of the surprise inclusions in this year’s nominee list was George Miller’s post-apocalyptic epic Mad Max: Fury Road. Colbert connected it to a previous Best Picture winner, putting on Tom Hardy’s grill mask and intoning “hello, Clarice.” 

Watch the full clip below.