By Christopher Rosen
Updated January 15, 2016 at 01:23 PM EST
Credit: CBS

Olivia Munn has spent this week shutting down rumors that she and boyfriend Aaron Rodgers are engaged. “It’s just some random magazine decided to stay it one day,” Munn said of the speculation during an appearance with Stephen Colbert on Thursday’s The Late Show. “I didn’t think most people would listen to it and believe it.”

As Munn revealed earlier this week on her Instagram account and recounted for Colbert, one of the people who did believe she and Rodgers were set to marry was her own mother. “That’s when it got too much for me. My mom believes everything,” Munn said on Thursday night. “The only way I knew how to dispel the rumors, was to use my mother and her text conversation with me.” With that, Munn read the conversation, which she had previously posted online and can be seen below.

As one might expect, the “Colberto” part of the story drew special interest from Colbert, who asked Munn if he could text her mother during the show. The actress obliged, leading to further misunderstanding for Munn’s family.

“Colberto here. So happy for the engagement,” the host wrote, before saying “and send” for emphasis. Munn later posted the actual return text from her mother to Instagram.

Munn stars in Ride-Along 2, which is out now. Check out her segment with Colbert(o) below.

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