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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Thanks for the tweets about Mr Robot! Any chance you have more scoop on season 2? — Kevin

Good news, Kevin, my love for Mr. Robot knows no bounds, so I hounded EP Sam Esmail to find out where the second season will pick up in the aftermath of fsociety’s big hack. “It’ll open 30 days after the first season ended,” Esmail told me, noting that season 2 “really is about Elliot trying to reconcile what this means in seeing Mr. Robot. That honestly is what’s driving the second season.”

Will Japril find their way back to each other on Grey’s Anatomy? — JaprilLife

As I mentioned before, we won’t find out what Jackson wanted to tell April right away because the midseason premiere is focused on Meredith being brutally attacked. “You don’t really find out what really happened with April and Jackson until episode 11,” Sarah Drew tells me. “You get little snippets in 9 and 10, but 11 is a big one. It was so much fun to shoot, an epic journey and every actor’s dream, basically.” As for Japril’s future, Drew says, “As long as they’re alive, there is always hope. No matter what, they really, desperately love one another. They’re in a really rough spot, but there is always hope.”

Do you know who this Reverse-Flash is that’s popping up on The Flash this season? — Claire

Despite theories that he hails from Earth-Two, this actually is the Reverse-Flash we’ve come to know and hate — but with a twist. “Time on our show does not unfold linearly,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “Sometimes you’ve seen events from one direction and then you start to see them from the other. This Reverse-Flash is not exactly the Reverse-Flash that we saw disintegrate at the end of the year. It’s a Reverse-Flash from an earlier timeline. It’s not the Earth-Two Reverse-Flash, it’s the Reverse-Flash. That is, hands down, one of our best episodes.”

How will Regina handle facing the people she killed when Once Upon a Time goes to the Underworld? — DJ

Though it will be a little overwhelming considering how many lives Regina is responsible for taking, she is ready to face them. “She wants to confront these souls and these people that she has hurt, that she has killed,” Lana Parrilla says. “She’s on the right path, and she’s still on the path of redemption. She still wants to make amends with people and still trying to do the right thing. She’s really embracing the hero within her.”

Will Damon see any familiar faces during his time inside the Phoenix Stone on The Vampire Diaries? — Kayla

Not only is Damon not alone inside the stone, but he might come face-to-face with someone we haven’t seen in a while. “There’s one familiar face that the diehard fans will recognize,” executive producer Caroline Dries says. “It will be a nice callback. I’m excited to see if anyone remembers what we’re talking about.” Any guesses?

Anything on Scandal? — Raina

In case you missed it, Scandal will be jumping ahead six months, where we’ll find that Fitz is very much alone in the White House — Olivia has moved on, and Mellie is campaigning for presidency. So, how will America feel about a divorced POTUS? “It’s an interesting question that is dealt with,” Tony Goldwyn says. “It is discussed. We don’t know yet what the public response is, but it’s an issue we do talk about.”

Any Blacklist scoop outside of Liz now being a free woman? — Jenny

Yeah, Red will soon be in hot water over his suspected connection to the FBI. “There is an episode coming up which shines a light on the way that criminals communicate and network in an odd way,” EP Jon Bokenkamp says. “We posit that perhaps criminals that have business interests aligned would get together and solve differences. There is a really interesting look behind the curtain of the way that Red operates and works with some of his criminal counterparts.”

Elizabeth Henstridge says Jemma’s feelings for Fitz get stronger on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Anymore scoop on that? — Ditchthel

It’s been roughly three months since the events that happened on Maveth, but Simmons is “still in the grieving process,” Elizabeth Henstridge tells me. “She’s experiencing some survivor’s guilt. Fitz has been so supportive throughout the whole thing. She’s going further down that path with him and her feelings. She loves him and wants to be with him. She hasn’t forgotten about Will, but it’s more the guilt she’s carrying. They’re taking things slowly on whether they’re going to get together or not.”

Did any of the Quantico characters we actually care about die in that explosion? — Jayma

Bad news, Jenna: Not everyone made it out alive. “There will be people who you know who won’t be a part of this anymore,” Priyanka Chopra reveals, “and that will affect Alex and her friends in a huge way.” Ruh-ruh. Also, did you see this?

Uh, The Factory on Colony does not sound like a fun place to be. Will we get to see what happens there? — Mike

Yes, and much sooner than you think. “You’ll learn more about it, for sure,” executive producer Carlton Cuse says. “It’s a little bit like North Korea. If you step out of line, you and your family get sent to reeducation farms and labor camps. That’s a great stick to wield for control.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: The Friends cast is finally going to reunite, but Matthew Perry won’t be joining them …

That’s a wrap on this week’s Spoiler Room. Be sure to email your questions to or tweet them to @NatalieAbrams.

Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Shirley Li.

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