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During their time in Broad City, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have encountered funerals, booze cruises, dog weddings and knock-off purses, but on the sitcom’s third season, they’ll face easily the biggest surprise yet: Hillary Clinton.

“Who?” Glazer joked when Clinton’s name came up when she and fellow co-creator Jacobson spoke with EW about Broad City’s third season (which will include, among other surprises, guest stars like Vanessa Williams, Melissa Leo, Whoopi Goldberg, Alan Alda, and Tony Danza). And then, there’s Mrs. Clinton.

As Jacobson, Glazer, and the potential POTUS teased on social media last year, the 10-episode third season of Comedy Central’s debaucherous buddy sitcom will feature an appearance from Clinton herself, playing, thankfully, herself. (Contrary to reports, she will not be appearing on the season premiere on Feb. 17.)

Glazer and Jacobson tell EW that, for the show’s sake, Clinton’s encounter may not have truly needed to happen at all.

“We were writing this very specific episode and we actually wrote it where she didn’t even need to be in it,” Jacobson says. “And then it was really crazy that she was into it, and so it became even more heightened when she was actually a part of it … I am being so vague, I’m sorry.”

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Clinton stopped in to film her guest spot between appearances in New York — “She wore the same beautiful coat on our show as on Seth Meyers,” Glazer points out — but both Broad City creators are staying tight-lipped about how Clinton will factor into the episode. It is, after all, an impressive cameo appearance for a show which has unforgettably permeated the pop culture membrane but began life as just a small web series. Neither Glazer nor Jacobson understates Clinton’s impact on the show and themselves.

“It was just such an unbelievable honor to meet her,” adds Glazer. “It’s like, crazy. She’s never done a scripted show like this, and it was wild. It was truly wild. She was wild. She was so warm and personable, and the depth of the person to have that inviting air but then to also [have just had a] meeting with Barack … this person is layered deep.”

“To have these two characters meet someone like her feels like something we’ve never done. In the show, they’ve never been near anyone like her,” says Jacobson. Glazer adds, “Same with us.”

Broad City returns for season 3 on Feb. 17 at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

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