Marvel’s superhero movies abound with all kinds of information and mythology: how the Infinity Stones work, the correct method of creating artificial intelligence, and more. But even so, there are questions left unanswered by both the films and comics. For instance, what color is the Hulk’s poop? In order to answer such important questions, Marvel has inaugurated a new video series called Ask Marvel, in which the company’s stars and creators will answer fan queries ranging from the subjective to the strange.

First up in the series is Dave Bautista, who played the devastatingly unironic Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. Bautista fielded a few typical questions — “Which Marvel superhero is your favorite?” (Iron Man); “Which superpower would you have?” (flight) — before moving on to the aforementioned Hulk poop problem.

“I’m more concerned about what would make you think of this than I am with what color the Hulk’s poop is,” Bautista said. “I would imagine it would be green? And it would be huge, right?”

Watch the video below. New episodes of the series will appear every Thursday on Marvel’s website and YouTube channel; fans can submit questions by tweeting them with the hashtag #AskMarvel. Future confirmed guests include Daredevil lead Charlie Cox and former Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada. In some ways this is a modern update of a grand tradition of answering fan pages at Marvel, dating all the way back to Stan Lee’s tenure on the comics.

“We’ve been answering fans’ questions in our letters pages, at convention panels, and on our This Week in Marvel podcast for years, so we felt it was time to collect the burning questions our fandom constantly poses, get them in front of a wide array of Marvel folks, and put it all on video,” Ryan Penagos, VP & Executive Editor for Marvel’s Digital Media Group, said in a statement.

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