The 2016 Oscar nominations have been unveiled, and from the films with the most nominations like The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road to one-time nominees like animated short Sanjay’s Super Team, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has honored a number of actors, writers, directors, and other artists who are all reveling in the joy of their new nominations.

Read on to see the reactions of many nominees, some like Brie Larson having been nominated for the first time, others like Leonardo DiCaprio adding to their list of nominations, and still others like Sylvester Stallone receiving nominations for roles they were nominated for 40 years ago. And stay tuned to EW for more reactions and analysis of the nominations.

Leonardo DiCaprio, nominated for Best Actor, The Revenant

“I am so grateful to the Academy for their recognition of this film. Making The Revenant was one of the most rewarding and collaborative experiences of my life. None of this would have been possible without Alejandro’s talent, vision and determination. Our dedicated crew also deserves to share in this moment. Together, they have created a truly unique cinematic experience. Congratulations to all of my fellow nominees this season. Thank you to the Academy.”

Jennifer Lawrence, nominated for Best Actress, Joy

I am beyond grateful and humbled by this nomination. I feel incredibly honored to be recognized among the other amazing women in this category. Joy is an incredibly inspiring story about an ordinary woman who does extraordinary things. For me, working with David O. Russell has been nothing short of extraordinary, and I share this nomination with him as well as our incredible supporting cast. I could not be more proud to be a part of this film and thankful to the producers and Fox for their unyielding support. “

Ennio Morricone, nominated for Best Original Score, The Hateful Eight

“When Quentin first asked me to write the score for his new western, I said no. But Mr. Tarantino is an astute man, and he left the screenplay for my wife Maria to read. He had spotted who is the boss in our house. Maria realized instantly what a brilliant screenplay Quentin had written for The Hateful Eight, and she told me in no uncertain terms that I had to do it. I am so happy that I did. To work with such a brilliant young director at my age gives me great pleasure. He was just one year old when I wrote my first score for Sergio Leone for A Fistful of Dollars. It is also a deep honor and very humbling to receive this prestigious award nomination for doing the profession I love. I receive it on behalf of myself, Quentin Tarantino, The Weinstein Company, and the whole cast and crew of this remarkable film. And of course I receive it on behalf of my clever wife Maria.”

Brie Larson, nominated for Best Actress, Room

Alejandro González Iñárritu, nominated for Best Director, The Revenant

“I am in London and just heard the good news! We gave it our all on this film and this appreciation from the Academy means a lot to me and my colleagues who made it possible. Champagne and Mezcal will run tonight!”

Drew Goddard, nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, The Martian

I’m thrilled to be nominated and I share this honor with Andy Weir and our extraordinary cast and crew. I’d like to give special thanks to the man who carried our red planet on his shoulders, Sir Ridley Scott. Congratulations to my fellow nominees, and thank you to everyone in the Academy for recognizing The Martian.

Rooney Mara, nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Carol

“To be acknowledged this morning along with Cate, Phyllis, Ed, Carter and Sandy is an incredible honor. Todd made a beautiful and quiet love story with Carol. I am proud to have been a part of it and feel privileged to have worked with some of our finest artists and one of our greatest directors.”

Charlotte Rampling, nominated for Best Actress, 45 Years

I am deeply moved and thrilled by this nomination. Thank you to the Academy for recognizing 45 YEARS. Having the wonderful experience of working with the great Tom Courtenay and Andrew Haigh was a truly rewarding experience and I am simply delighted to have everyone’s hard work and true collaboration honored by our friends and peers in the Academy.

Eddie Redmayne, nominated for Best Actor, The Danish Girl

“I’m incredibly grateful to the Academy for this nomination – particularly in a year with so many brilliant films and performances. This nomination is a testament to the vision of our fearless director Tom Hooper, and the support of my fellow cast members, especially the incandescent Alicia Vikander. Being recognised for THE DANISH GIRL is particularly special to me; if sharing Lili and Gerda’s journey and their love story can in any small way be a part of positive social change – then I will be even more grateful.”

Tom McCarthy, nominated for Best Director, Spotlight

“I am incredibly grateful to The Academy for embracing our film with so much love today. I was so happy to see my long-time editor Tom McArdle honored and two members of our incredible ensemble, Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo, singled out for their masterful performances. I share today’s nominations with so many others including every actor and crew member who came to set each day and gave their all. I want to also thank my co-writer and friend Josh Singer, our producers who supported this film from the beginning, Tom Ortenberg and the team at Open Road and, most importantly, the true heroes of this film, the real-life Spotlight team at The Boston Globe who let us tell their story.”

Sam Smith, nominated for Best Original Song, Spectre

Sylvester Stallone, nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Creed

“I am incredibly humbled by this honor. I was not expecting it … especially at this time in my life. I am certainly grateful to the artists and collaborators who helped make it possible.”

Phyllis Nagy, nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Carol

“I am humbled and thrilled by the Academy’s nomination, and for the recognition of the work of so many of my Carol collaborators. It’s the stuff of dreams, for sure, and I certainly never imagined this happening when I began this journey 18 years ago. I am so proud that Patricia Highsmith’s groundbreaking novel has also been saluted. I know my friend Pat is knocking back a few neat scotches in writer’s heaven. The Weinstein Company, Liz Karlsen, Stephen Woolley, Christine Vachon, Film 4 and Todd Haynes allowed all of this to happen, and I am profoundly grateful to them.”

Emma Donoghue, nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, Room

Jennifer Jason Leigh, nominated for Best Supporting Actress, The Hateful Eight

“This is incredible news to wake up to. I am thrilled. I didn’t think the experience of working with Quentin and this cast could get any more rewarding….to get this recognition for this role is such a joy.”

Sanjay Patel, director of Sanjay’s Super Team, nominated for Best Animated Short

“It is a great honor to be recognized by the Academy with a nomination for our short, Sanjay’s Super Team. This is an incredibly personal, but also other worldly, story that was as much a labor of love for our crew as it was for myself. Making a film about my own childhood, and exploring the space that separates a young boy from his traditional immigrant father, meant that everyone really had to trust my vision, and the result is a truly beautiful film. So I share this honor with the crew, my true Super Team.”

Roger Deakins, nominated for Best Cinematography, Sicario

“I’m happy the film has been recognized. This nomination is really for everyone who worked on Sicario.”

Matt Charman, nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Bridge of Spies

“I’m pinching myself to think that a historical footnote I found could lead to the most wonderful collaboration with Steven Spielberg and now to recognition from the Academy. It seems like a miracle. I want to thank AMPAS from the bottom of my heart for this nomination and I know James Donovan’s children will be so grateful for the recognition of their father’s remarkable story.”

Simon Kinberg, producer for The Martian, nominated for Best Picture

“We made this movie with a lot of love: love for science, love for cinema, a sort of radical optimism about human beings. We didn’t know if the world would embrace it. They did, and now I’m so thrilled the Academy has embraced it too.”

Ed Lachman, nominated for Best Cinematography, Carol

“I am moved by this nomination and recognition of my work in Carol and the work of my crew, the vision and inspiration of my director Todd Haynes. Thank you to the Academy.”

Eve Stewart, nominated for Best Production Design, The Danish Girl

“I am thrilled, and grateful, for the acknowledgment from the AMPAS voters. Our movie coalesced beautifully under the guidance of our great director, Tom Hooper. I proudly share this nomination with Michael Standish, and we are so happy that our wonderful colleagues from The Danish Girl were also recognized.”

Adam McKay, nominated for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, The Big Short

“So happy for everyone who worked on this movie. This was truly an ensemble project from cast to crew to producers. Thank you to the members of the Academy and to all the audiences that have supported The Big Short. Now I’m going to take a nap.”

Charles Randolph, nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay, The Big Short

“I’m delighted. I’m particularly delighted to share the honor with Mr. Adam McKay, visionary, troublemaker, Mensch.”

Mark Rylance, nominated for Best Supporting Actor, Bridge of Spies

“It is a delight to be celebrated as a supporting actor in Steven’s beautiful film, Bridge of Spies. I cannot separate my work in the film from the work of my friend Tom Hanks. Every thought, every look, every expression you are celebrating in my portrayal of Rudolf Abel, I found them all in the thoughtful generous presence of Tom Hanks beside me, or behind the camera, yet still with me 100%, every take, every moment. Of course you would witness none of it without Steven, nor are any of the choices of what you witness mine. The performance belongs equally to him and all his wonderful crew, who I am

proud to call friends, as I admire them enormously. May I say, I am particularly proud to be nominated as a supporting actor, as I find the level of supporting acting in films these days utterly convincing and very often extremely moving, even the smallest parts.”

John Crowley, director of Brooklyn, nominated for Best Picture

“It is such an honour, and no small thrill, that Brooklyn was recognized today. Watching audiences respond to this film on both sides of the Atlantic since premiering at Sundance last year has been an incredibly gratifying experience, and today’s acknowledgement by the Academy is beyond our most extreme hopes. Nick Hornby’s beautifully judged and lovingly crafted screenplay was the departure point for us all as we made the film and he is so deserving of this nomination. And I’m thrilled that Saoirse Ronan’s astonishing performance has been nominated. It’s a defining moment for this brilliant actress and one I’m ecstatic to see applauded in this way.”

The Weeknd, nominated for Best Original Song, Fifty Shades of Grey

Jóhann Jóhannsson, nominated for Best Original Score, Sicario

“It is a great honour to be nominated for the second time for an Academy Award for my score for Sicario. My ongoing collaboration with Denis Villeneuve has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring and it’s a great privilege to work with filmmakers of the calibre of Denis, Roger Deakins and Joe Walker and all the other amazing artists who worked on this film.”

Robert Richardson, nominated for Best Cinematography, The Hateful Eight

“I am deeply honored to be nominated beside a brilliant ensemble of nominees.”

Lady Gaga, nominated for Best Original Song, The Hunting Ground

“This nomination lends a voice to so many victims and their families around the world. Thank you to The Academy for recognizing the movement of people who have come together around The Hunting Ground and “Til It Happens To You” in the name of sexual assault. Diane Warren and I are simply honored to represent the voices of so many survivors.”

Diane Warren, nominated for Best Original Song, The Hunting Ground

“I am so excited about this nomination for my song ‘Til It Happens To You.’ It means a lot to Lady Gaga and me that the song has been recognized by the Academy and has also resonated so deeply with survivors of sexual assault, giving a voice to this movement as well as comfort and empowerment to those who have experienced any difficult situation in their lives.”

Andrea Berloff and Jonathan Herman, nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Straight Outta Compton

“We are humbled by this honor and are excited to be able to continue the discussion of not only NWA’s legacy but also the larger conversation of civil rights in America. Thank you to our talented collaborators — we are thrilled to share in this success with you.”

Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson, and Rosa Tran, producers of Anomalisa, nominated for Best Animated Film

“We are thrilled to be recognized by the Academy, alongside such a great group of animated films. We are grateful for the dedication and passion of our talented team of animators and artists, as well as our brilliant cast – Jennifer, Tom and David. Thank you to the Academy for recognizing our film.”

Josh Singer, nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Spotlight

“I’m thrilled and grateful to the Academy for recognizing the script for Spotlight. I’m also delighted that Tom McCarthy, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Tom McArdle and the movie have been recognized as well. This was an incredible collaboration, with Tom, our producers, our tremendous crew and each and every wonderful actor in our terrific cast. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the incredible work done by the real Spotlight Team and the courage of survivors like Phil Saviano, Joe Crowley, Patrick McSorley and Jim Scanlan. Our gratitude to them is endless. We hope our movie increases awareness of the need for investigative journalism on the local level. We also hope that the church will take note and take stronger action to deal with the ongoing issue of clergy sex abuse.”

Richard Starzak, writer and director of Shaun the Sheep Movie, nominated for Best Animated Film

“It’s mind blowing where Shaun has got to in the last 10 years. I’m very proud on behalf of myself, my co-director Mark Burton, and team Shaun!”

Meg LeFauve, nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Inside Out

“I’m thrilled for the film and team to be recognized in this way. It wasn’t an easy story to get right – so it’s thrilling to see the impact it’s had on audiences. We were lead always by the incredible vision of Pete Docter.”

David Darg, director of Body Team 12, nominated for Best Documentary Short

“From being on the front lines of the Ebola epidemic, to editing this piece while in quarantine, we are humbled to be recognized with the nomination of the Academy Award. Body Team 12 is a tribute to the heroes who bravely worked to eradicate Ebola from Liberia. Our collaboration with Paul G. Allen and Vulcan Productions, along with their commitment to global health initiatives, made this incredible project possible.”

Sandy Powell, nominated for Best Costume Design, Carol and Cinderella

“I’m so thrilled with my double nominations. Thank you to all my peers who voted and big congratulations to my fellow nominees, Jenny Beavan, Jaqueline West and Paco Delgado.”

Paco Delgado, nominated for Best Costume Design, The Danish Girl

“Hearing my name in the nominees list this year made me very happy, and I want to thank the Academy for this wonderful nomination. My team and I are so grateful to AMPAS members to have thought that our work in The Danish Girl is worthy of such an important award. To be nominated is a massive honor, particularly among the other amazing designers whose work I profoundly admire. What a big reward! I also want to thank Tom Hooper and the producers for allowing me to design the wonderful love story of transgender pioneer Lili Elbe and her wife Gerda Wegener.”

László Nemes, director and co-writer of Son of Saul, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film

We are honored, excited and deeply appreciative to the Academy. Since the premiere of the film last May at the Cannes Film Festival, it has been a great adventure for all of us. The close collaboration of a dedicated international cast and crew transformed the ambition of a first feature into a film that can now reach a wider audience worldwide including a new generation that has lost touch with such defining moments of our civilization as the Holocaust. The significance of this movie and its nomination for Hungary and Central Europe, in a region and continent threatened again by extremes, cannot be understated.”

Joshua Oppenheimer, director of The Look of Silence, nominated for Best Documentary Film

“It’s incredibly humbling to be nominated again with The Look of Silence. We could not have made these films without our anonymous Indonesian crew, and our gentle protagonist, Adi Rukun, who risked their lives to share their story. While the genocide began years ago, it hasn’t ended for the survivors because the perpetrators still hold power, and millions still live in fear. The Act of Killing helped transform the way Indonesia talks about its past. The Look of Silence helped Indonesia express its yearning for truth, justice, and reconciliation. We hope this nomination makes this dream a reality.”

Ciro Guerra, director and co-writer of Embrace of the Serpent, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film

“It is very significant that Colombia’s first Oscar nomination comes from a film spoken in indigenous languages, which for us are also foreign languages. I hope that this wonderful moment becomes an opportunity for us to value and respect the infinite traditional knowledge of the peoples of the Amazon, who are the real stars of this film, and with whom we share the joy. It has been an incredible year for Colombian Cinema, which is young and full of enthusiasm, so my thoughts are with all the wonderful cast and crew that helped to bring this film-miracle to life.”

Tobias Lindholm, director and writer of A War, nominated for Best Foreign Language Film

“I am grateful and overwhelmed. And I know that I speak on behalf of the whole cast and crew when I thank all the Academy members who participated in the vote. I have often talked about my films dependence on Reality, and I have to say that this feels fare from real. In a magical and dreamlike way. I want to congratulate the rest of the nominees who have made amazing films. And end by saluting all the witnesses of war that have made this film possible. Soldiers, refugees and relatives. Thanks once again.”

Jacqueline West, nominated for Best Costume Design, The Revenant

“I was so honored to be a part of The Revenant. It was a thrill to work with Alejandro and to reunite with Jack (Fisk) and Chivo (Lubezki). A special congratulations to Leo and Tom. And what an exceptional group of fellow nominees! I am truly grateful to the Academy for this nomination.”

Randy Thom, nominated for Best Sound Mixing, The Revenant

“Alejandro Inarritu is a director with a storytelling ear just as subtle and powerful as his storytelling eye. We were honored to accompany him on The Revenant’s journey in sound.”

Chris Duesterdiek, nominated for Best Sound Mixing, The Revenant

“It is truly an honor to be nominated for our contribution. On location we really had to reinvent the wheel as to how we were going to get our equipment there and capture what was needed as well as record a catalogue of nature sounds from the environment. A big heartfelt thanks to the army of post sound people involved, Randy, Frank, Jon, Lon and the whole team. A big thanks to my team Charlie O’Shea and Candice Todesco as well.”

Frank Montano and Jon Taylor, nominated for Best Sound Mixing, The Revenant

“It’s an honor to be nominated. The Revenant is a once in a lifetime film that you only dream about being part of. Alejandro’s virsion and passion inspired us all on this incredible journey in film making.”

Rich McBride, nominated for Best Visual Effects, The Revenant

“The entire Revenant VFX team is excited and honored to be included. We are so proud of our contribution to this movie and could not be happier that all of our hard work and artists are getting the recognition they deserve.”

Steven Spielberg, Marc Platt, and Kristie Macosko Krieger, producers of Bridge of Spies, nominated for Best Picutre

“A cliché is the truth many times over, so to say we’re just so honored to have been nominated is the plain truth. On behalf of all our colleagues who worked on Bridge of Spies we are all very proud to have been nominated for Best Picture. To be included in such a spectacularly creative and diverse field of movies this year, makes this a nomination we’ll never forget.”

Carter Burwell, nominated for Best Original Score, Carol

“It’s an honor to share the original score nomination with this group of composers I so admire. After more than thirty years of film scoring, this is my first Academy Award nomination, and I’m extremely grateful. I’m also happy the Academy chose to recognize Carol in so many categories. It’s a beautiful film made by a lot of creative people, and I want to particularly thank the director Todd Haynes, who brought this wonderful project to me.”

J. Ralph, nominated for Best Original Song, Racing Extinction

Antony [Hegarty] and I are incredibly honored and grateful to the Academy for recognizing “Manta Ray” from the Racing Extinction documentary. The filmmakers risked their lives to tell this story and spent five years making this important film. Our hope is that the song drives home how urgently we need to arrest global warming and protect biodiversity. With the fate of our home, the Earth at stake, it is crucial that we all get involved. We are honored to be included with the other amazing artists and important films at this year’s Academy Awards.”

Evgeny Afineevsky, director of Winter on Fire, nominated for Best Documentary FIlm

“I am very thankful to all the documentary branch members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for nominating Winter on Fire for an Oscar for Best Documentary! For a kid who was born in Russia, raised in Israel and became an American filmmaker, it is an honor to be recognized for my work by AMPAS. I am proud to be an American filmmaker, and have the ability of freedom of speech and to be an artist with freedom of expression. I think today’s achievement belongs not only to me, but to all the people who were with me on Maidan Square in the Ukraine, during these 93 days of events shown in the film. To my amazing Ukrainian filmmaking team, who dedicated their lives to tell these human stories and document this history, thank you. To my great producers who stood behind me while I was putting the project together, guiding and advising me, thank you. To an amazing Netflix family team, who believed in me and helped me to bring the story to the people in over 130 countries across the globe, thank you. This revolution of dignity was a fascinating example of the unity of people from different social groups, ages, religions and nationalities and now this unique historic moment can be seen everywhere. Thank you to all my friends, supporters and believers, for entrusting and believing in my vision.”

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