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Though critics were betting breakout star Brie Larson would snag an Oscar nomination, the Room actress wasn’t so sure, opting to watch the announcements solo via live stream.

“I watched it alone on my computer,” says Larson, laughing. “It’s just such a public thing that I’ve never gone though before. I’m a fairly private person, so I wanted it to be just me, by myself.”

Larson – speaking from Australia, where she’s currently filming the monster movie Kong: Skull Island – says the nomination validates the eight months she took to prepare for the part of Ma, a young woman who struggles to create a sense of normalcy for her son as the two are held captive in a small shed.

“It was the first time I had this much time to create a character, so it to come out and mean so much to others like it does me is incredible,” says Larson. “I was homeschooled, and always thought I was weird and different, so to make a film that’s so deeply personal to me and see how it connects to others makes me feel much more understood and much more part of this world.”

That’s not to say that she’s comfortable with all the attention that comes with the acclaim.

“It’s kind of funny but it’s nice to because in a weird way, every part of this is documented,” shares Larson, who recently took home the award for Best Actress – Drama at the Golden Globes. “Though it feels bizarre, part of me thinks that 50 years from now I’ll ready appreciate all this bits and pieces of myself that are out there.”

The Lenny Abrahamson-directed film has earned several Oscar nominations, including for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Picture. But Larson’s young costar, 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay, was left out, a surprising snub.

“He’s so good either way,” says Larson. “He doesn’t really have any sense of what this means. Every day, he just has the best time and is so excited for all of us and I feel like the Best Picture nomination is really him. He’s a part of this film and is going to be the belle of the ball if he gets to go to the ceremony.”

And though Larson had a major style moment at the Golden Globes with her curve-skimming Calvin Klein dress, she says she has an all-important task ahead of her before she can contemplate Oscar gown options.

“It’s about 12 here and I just got back from work,” says Larson. “After this, I’m going to bed!”

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