Take our quiz, in honor of EW's Fanuary, to find out
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Family

Perfect,” One Direction‘s second single from their latest album, Made in the A.M., made waves upon its October release when some of the song’s lyrics seemed to point to one of Harry Styles’ past relationships.

In a conversation with EW in advance of the album’s release, he didn’t seem too bothered by conclusions he knew fans would draw. “When you’re writing, you don’t really sit there going, ‘Oh, people are going to speculate about this.’ You’re writing about personal experiences and what you’ve been through, but they’re not necessarily always so literal,” he said. “Love songs can be about a time or a place … You can write from an observation point of view and you can write a great love song about two people you’re not. I think the fun thing with music is that everyone interprets it differently, and people are going to decide what it means for them.”

Thanks, Harry.

With his go-ahead, we’ve created a quiz in honor of EW’s Fanuary to find out which One Direction song is actually about you. What kind of person inspired one of eight of 1D’s love (and anti-love) songs? Take our quiz to find out.