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If you live in New York City, experiencing live music while you commute on the subway is pretty standard. But Arrested Development actor Tony Hale received a more star-studded performance-on-the-go when Liza Minnelli broke out into song in his car.

“She invited my wife and I out to lunch, and I was blown away,” Hale explains in the video. “We picked her up in my crappy car, and she insisted on sitting in the back seat.”

When Hale and Minnelli — who was playing Hale’s girlfriend on the former Fox series at the time — got to talking about her music, the daughter of Judy Garland decided to give Buster Bluth and his wife an impromptu show.

“She breaks out with ‘Liza With a Z’ in the back seat of my car,” he continues. “And the best part is, she’s done it so many times that she can hear the orchestration, so she’d go, ‘Liza with a Z. Ba da, ba da, bam!'”

See how Hale felt about Minnelli’s performance in the video, part of EW’s Fanuary series, above.

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