By Ariana Bacle
Updated January 13, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
Lester Cohen/WireImage

Khloé Kardashian opened up about estranged husband Lamar Odom’s recent hospitalization on a new episode of The Howard Stern Show, where she said that his substance abuse issues were “what prompted [their] divorce.”

Doctors allegedly found “cocaine and opiates” in Odom’s system when he was hospitalized after being found in a Las Vegas brothel this past October. “I never wanted this to happen, of course not,” Kardashian told Howard Stern. “But I’ve always feared this would happen.”

Odom and Kardashian were in the process of getting divorced, but she called it off once he was hospitalized. “I’m there helping him and I love him and I’ve always loved him,” she told Ellen DeGeneres in November. “And that will never change, and I just feel like it’s a really insensitive thing to fast-forward a divorce.”

Helping Odom includes preventing him from seeing media coverage, something that has been a struggle. “One day I came in, and he was Googling ‘Lamar Odom overdose,'” she told Stern. “I grabbed the iPad, I said, ‘What the f— are you doing? I’ve been trying to protect you … I have to remember, he has no idea what people know.”

Kardashian previously talked to DeGeneres about her decision to keep certain information from Odom — who “was not talking, [couldn’t] walk” after he was found — to help with his recovery. “We tell him he had a brain injury,” she said. “I can’t tell him how that brain injury was caused because it will set him back.”

Watch the clip of Kardashian on Howard Stern below.