Adam Green's Aladdin

If one of your three wishes from a genie included seeing Macaulay Culkin appear in a new film, then you’ve never had a friend quite like Adam Green.

Musician and filmmaker Adam Green’s newest film project, Adam Green’s Aladdin, features the Home Alone star (who also appeared in Green’s film The Wrong Ferrari), along with a host of other familiar faces in a new take on the classic Arabian Nights tale.

Green stars as Aladdin in a modern version of the story, bringing Aladdin to an American town lorded over by a corrupt Sultan. The film’s first trailer offers a look at what Green, who also wrote and directed it, has in store for his unique spin, which he describes as a “hyper-sensory, poetic, and humorously subversive” version of Aladdin’s story. Alia Shawkat, Natasha Lyonne, and Zoe Kravitz are also among the cast.

Green financed the film via a Kickstarter campaign that launched two years ago. A singer best known for his work as half of the Moldy Peaches, Green recorded songs for the soundtrack, which will release alongside the film and be part of Green’s Aladdin Tour starting this spring.

Adam Green's Aladdin
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