Production on a movie set can get pretty complicated – just ask Ralph Fiennes. The actor stars as frustrated film director Laurence Lorenz in an upcoming Hollywood-set story from the Coen Brothers titled Hail, Caesar!

In a new trailer for the film – the latest from Joel and Ethan Coen following the Tom Hanks-starring Bridge of Spies – fans get a look at the ensemble comedy, which shows Lorenz (Fiennes) battling it out with his leading man (Blue Jasmine’s Alden Ehrenreich) over the pronunciation of an all-important line in the script. Who knew that the phrase “Would that it t’were so simple” could become such a point of contention?

Co-starring Josh Brolin, George Clooney, Alden Ehrenreich, Jonah Hill, Scarlett Johansson, and Frances McDormand, the ’50s-era comedy tracks a fixer (Brolin) who’s finding a legendary film star (Clooney) after he’s been kidnapped. With a trailer that reveals a peek at Johansson in a mermaid costume, Channing Tatum performing a song-and-dance routine in a sailor’s suit, and Clooney in full Roman armor regalia, the comedy looks like pure Coen-y goodness.

Hail, Caesar! opens in theaters Feb. 5.

Hail, Caesar!
2016 movie
  • Movie
  • 106 minutes