By Christian Holub
Updated January 12, 2016 at 01:17 PM EST
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Donald Trump returned to The Tonight Show Monday. Since Trump continues to lead polls ahead of fellow Republican presidential candidates, Jimmy Fallon tested his qualifications for the White House with a mock job interview.

When mock-interviewer Fallon asked Trump to “tell me a little about yourself,” the mogul replied, “Well, I’m an extraordinarily handsome person. I have a beautiful head of hair.” Other answers are routine (Trump’s running because he wants to “make America great again”) but Trump shocked the audience by saying his greatest strength is bringing people together.

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“A lot of people would say it’s the exact opposite, but I really unify people,” said Trump, who elsewhere in the show reiterated his desire to temporarily stop Muslims from entering the U.S. “I’ve always gotten along with people. I’ll get along with Democrats, with Republicans, with liberals, with conservatives. That’s something we need in this country.”

Watch the clip below.

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