By Christopher Rosen
Updated January 12, 2016 at 01:44 PM EST

Conan O’Brien remembered the legacy of David Bowie through the late singer’s sense of humor and his appearances on O’Brien’s late-night shows.

On Monday’s episode of Conan, O’Brien recalled how Bowie was a guest on his show several times, and was “always outstanding.”

“In my experience, he was always an incredibly nice person,” O’Brien said. “He was fun. He was always funny. We wanted to take a second here and look back at a few of the fun moments I had with David Bowie over the years.”

O’Brien’s highlight package of Bowie interviews included the singer telling a fake story about hanging out with Elvis Presley, Bowie’s performance of a “Space Oddity” parody that O’Brien wrote, and Bowie’s pretty spot-on impersonation of Tom Brokaw.

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In addition to the clip video, O’Brien unearthed a bit called “Bowie Secrets,” where the late singer deadpanned a handful of “secrets,” like that he originally sang “Ground control, I miss my mum” on “Space Oddity.”

Bowie died on Sunday at age 69, following what a statement described as an 18-month battle with cancer. O’Brien joined fellow late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon in paying tribute to his memory on Monday.