'The most generous and entertaining interview subject I'd ever met'
Credit: Terry O'Neill/Getty Images

In the wake of David Bowie’s death, countless fans and celebrities have shared their own personal experiences with the legendary rocker. In a long blog post, Cameron Crowe added his, recalling the six months he spent interviewing Bowie in the mid-‘70s.

“Bowie was the most generous and entertaining interview subject I’d ever met,” Crowe wrote. “Nothing was off-limits. When he asked to meet you, it was rarely casual. You would be ushered into the room where he was waiting, and the artist would be perfectly positioned, his head cocked at the perfect angle to catch the light. It was not an affectation. He naturally staged himself, only to break out of such an iconic pose with crackling smile and jaunty warmth.”

The writer-director added that in the years since, he’d tried to get Bowie back on screen. “I was always tugging on his sleeve to act in something I’d written, too,” Crowe wrote. “A hugely underrated presence in film, I’d even been crafting a part for him as recently as this weekend.”

Crowe also included a doodle from Bowie, which the iconic musician dubbed “a self-portrait.”

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