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The secret’s (partially) out on Younger: Fortysomething Liza’s cover as a thoroughly modern millenial has been blown to boyfriend Josh. (But her twentysomething bestie still has no idea.)

So now the question is: What comes next when Younger kicks off its second season? We talked to star Sutton Foster and creator Darren Star about what fans can expect, and whether more people will learn Liza’s secret.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now that Josh knows Liza’s secret, how will their relationship be affected?

SUTTON FOSTER: A big part of what season 2 is about is how much of this relationship was based on a lie, and can Josh handle this? When we started filming, Nico [Tortorella] and I were like, “We’re looking at each other differently! Oh, no, our relationship has changed!” It definitely affects everything.

Could the show ever exist without this secret at the heart?

DARREN STAR: I do see a day when everybody can know — it’s just not where the story is going right now. Ultimately, the story’s about how women and people of different generations interact, and it plays with the perception of age and how important that is to people, and so there are real stakes for Liza in terms of keeping her age a secret. Can the show sustain itself beyond that device? Absolutely, because we have great characters. But that’s just not where we are story-wise, and I don’t know when we’re going to get there. There seems to be a lot of reasons for Liza not to be her age and I think that the stakes get higher the longer she keeps up the lie.

Are there any new faces we should watch for?

STAR: We have some great guest stars. Matthew Morrison is on the show. Kathy Najimy comes back. Dolly [Wells] from Doll & Em. She’s fantastic. Ice-T!

FOSTER: Richard Masur.

STAR: Richard Masur is so funny right now. And Diane Rehm is in an episode, and she’s fantastic.

Darren, do you ever look at your roster and think, “We really need to do a drunk karaoke night?”

STAR: No, I think that’s the one thing I promised them — no karaoke. We have a Broadway musical in the making, but we’re going to resist.

Sutton, how did having Liza’s daughter back affect how you played Liza?

FOSTER: She had an easy life season 1 with having her daughter out of the country, but that’s not the case in season 2. I think one of the fun things about this character is that my relationships with everybody show different sides of Liza. I get to be the mom, I get to be the best friend, I get to be the girlfriend, the minion at work. But definitely having Caitlin physically present back in New York and pulling on those mom strings, affects my character. The reason I’m doing all of this is for me, but it’s also for her, so to have her there, it just makes it even stronger.

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Are we staying in NYC this year? Might we get some suburbia?

STAR: I think we’ll see some suburbia at some point this season.

FOSTER: You actually see a lot of New York and 100 miles beyond New York, I think, in this season.

STAR: We go to some surprising locations.

Given that Liza is dating a tattoo artist, would she ever get inked?

FOSTER: I actually do think she would. It would probably be something to do with her daughter, something that can’t be seen.

Is Charles (Peter Hermann) still in the picture for Liza?

STAR: He’s in the picture, absolutely. He runs the publishing company, and I think there’s definite chemistry that can’t be acted on right now between Charles and Liza. You feel the distractions on Liza, knowing that he’s feeling something for her in a way and connecting with her in a way that is confusing to him because he’s connecting to this incredibly mature side of her. He’s connecting to the 40-year-old woman, who he assumes is 26, and Sutton and Peter play that so well. They just have this wonderful unique chemistry, so he’s definitely in the show a lot, I’d say much more this season than last season.

Millenial references are a big part of Younger. What’s on the docket for season 2?

FOSTER: There’s a Periscope reference. I think Snapchat.

STAR: I’m still not sure what Periscoping is.

FOSTER: I have no idea.

What are you all most excited for fans to see this season?

STAR: The show is so much bigger in a sense in terms of the production value, and I think we follow a lot of other characters. We want to tell stories about all these characters and we’re able to branch out and tell some more stories about Maggie [Debi Mazar] and Diana [Miriam Shor] and certainly Hilary [Duff] is fantastic this season. Kelsey has a lot of big story that I think people are really going to respond to. I would also say season 2 has some huge, surprising twists and turns. Season 1 had a really big turn at the end. Season 2 has some even bigger ones.

FOSTER: There’s like three or four major shock turns throughout the whole season, which is really exciting. I think they’re going to be like, “Oh my God!”

STAR: There are some OMG moments.

Younger returns Wednesday, Jan. 13 at 10 p.m. ET on TV Land.

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