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Jennifer Connelly was the leading teen in Labyrinth nearly 30 years ago, and on Monday the actress remembered working on the film with iconic singer David Bowie, who died Sunday after an 18-months-long battle with cancer. While Connelly’s career was only beginning, Bowie was an established star at that point. The experience made an impression on her.

“I met David Bowie when I was 14 and he became a hero to me — because he was an artist, and because he was a genius who had the time to be kind,” Connelly said in a statement to EW. “I’d never met such an extraordinary artist before, and I haven’t since — the world will be a greyer place without him. My thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

Connelly plays Sarah in the Jim Henson film, and Bowie’s character Jareth, the Goblin King, takes her half-brother from her while she’s babysitting. Sarah must complete his labyrinth in 11 hours or else baby Toby turns into a goblin.

The film became a cult classic and Bowie fans around the world have celebrated his “Magic Dance” scene since its release. Relive Bowie’s best pop culture moments here.

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