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Like any good model, Derek Zoolander doesn’t waste an opportunity to strike a pose, and he returned in rare form during a FIAT commercial that aired during the 2016 Golden Globes.

In what’s one of the more entertaining examples of advertisement, Ben Stiller’s iconic character serves some Blue Steel realness — again and again and again — for the traffic cameras. It doesn’t matter that he gets arrested, it’s all about getting that really, really ridiculously, good-looking shot. Tyra Banks would be proud.

Stiller returns for Zoolander 2, which also features Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Penelope Cruz, and Kristen Wiig. This time around, Derek and Hansel go undercover in the world of high-fashion to sniff out who’s killing the world’s most beautiful people.

Stiller and Wilson already promoted the film by strutting their stuff on the runway for Valentino and posed for fashion ads. All we need now is a real-life AVEDA water commercial. After all, “water is the essence of wetness.”

Update: Paramount also released the Zoolander 2 TV spot that aired during the Globes ceremony. Watch it above.

Zoolander No. 2
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